The Best VoIP Service in Alberta

Business Phone Service

Want to choose an affordable business VoIP service in Alberta that has all the features you need to run your organization? Our VoIP utilizes state-of-the-art technology giving you unlimited, clear calls. Eyesurf allows your staff to make long calls with clients and other stakeholders without having to worry about their distance or region. Staff can easily connect with customers from other regions, even internationally, with our reliable VoIP service.

Why Choose Eyesurf’s VoIP Service?

  • We only use the latest technology giving you reliable and clear calls
  • Getting started is super-fast and easy
  • Our VoIP service is very competitively priced. Save much more than you would spend on installing and maintaining traditional telephone lines
  • We offer high-speed internet allowing you to enjoy clear calls regardless of the region or location

What’s VoIP anyways?

VoIP is a service that uses internet protocol network to allow you to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection. This service allows you to get rid of the analog or regular phone lines which can have certain limitations such as poor-quality connection in certain areas. VoIP allows businesses to use high speed internet to make calls reliably and communicate in a crystal-clear manner.

Why Choose Eyesurf’s VoIP Service for Your Business?

  1. Fast & Easy Setup
    • Setting up a VoIP service that you can use in your business is very easy. Whether you need one or multiple VoIP phone lines to cater to your business needs, you can set it up in a matter of minutes. All you need is an adapter and modem and you’re good to go. What’s even more advantageous is that we offer a wide range of internet packages for businesses which allows you to bundle the VoIP phone service and save more money.
  2. Enjoy The Personal Assistant Feature
    • Eyesurf’s VoIP service comes with a personal assistant feature. This simply allows you to direct each call to the appropriate person the same way a receptionist would do when a call comes in at her desk. With this feature, you may not always need someone to direct your calls when they come in. You get a personal assistant, clear calls and a competitive price, no regular cable phone service can match this.

Hold Multiple Conference Calls

With our VoIP service, you can have as many conference calls with multiple participants in different locations. Expect to still enjoy the high internet speed from Eyesurf which offers you unmatched call clarity. You can even turn on video when teleconferencing and enjoy the same exceptional VoIP service quality.

Don’t wait any longer, call us wherever you are in Alberta. Enjoy a reliable VoIP service that helps you achieve your business goals.