Enjoy the Unlimited Opportunities of VoIP in British Columbia

Business Phone Service

Endless calls are a hallmark of any modern business office in British Columbia especially one that has a number of sales personnel. With globalization, the calls are not limited to one region alone and now include international calls thousands of miles away. With such frequent use and need to make telephone calls, costs can easily pile up and be unsustainable. To prevent this from causing a negative impact on your business, you should consider Eyesurf’s VoIP business phone service. This is an option that solves your phone use dilemma by providing a phone service that offers unlimited calling. This is possible through the use of VoIP technology.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. It is a technology that allows calls to be made over the networks using Internet protocol in almost a similar manner to how data is transferred from one point to another. It has several disadvantages over the traditional telephone networks. Firstly, you get high-quality connections which allow for clear communication. You also get to transmit voice data at high speeds which, when combined with the clarity adds up to the overall high quality of the calls.

Our business phone service presents a number of advantages to you and your business in BC some which include:

  •    Access to the latest VoIP technology
  •    Faster transmission of calls with no compromise on the quality of clarity
  •    It allows for easy installation, setup and use with no sudden glitches
  •    Has cost-saving benefits both on setting up and daily use and it costs far less than the traditional business phone line.

Why Should You Use Eyesurf Products For Your Business Telephone Line?

Working with us provides a number of advantages. First, having been in the business long enough means we have become a reliable supplier of the services we deal in. You can be assured that we have testimonials and recommendations. We also have the advantage of a skilled and trained staff that is regularly updated on any new updates or changes in technology allowing you to enjoy only the latest versions and updates.

The other advantage is the easy installation and setup of the network and the ease of working with it. This allows anyone to work with it without the need for hiring an IT professional. This saves a sizeable amount of investment that you can use elsewhere. It only takes about five minutes to have everything running. All you need is your adapter and a modem.

You also enjoy the newly added feature of an automated attendant. This is a feature included with the package which enables the phone to automatically direct each call to the relevant party just like a personal secretary.

Our service also enables teleconferencing. This means you are not just limited to one form of communication but you can carry out a whole teleconferencing meeting with several people communicating at once. This happens when you also have an internet connection.

If you are seeking to avoid being tied down by the cost of telephone calls and want high-quality phone calls even to international regions, contact us today and find more about our service.