VoIP Internet Phone Service in Quebec

Business Phone Service

Are you looking to work efficiently and reduce operating costs? Our VoIP phone service can help your Quebec business achieve its goals. We empower your employees and customers to connect at anytime and anywhere while enjoying exceptional voice quality and reliability. Our affordable business phone service allows access to the latest VoIP technology giving you crystal clear calls. Eyesurf allows your staff to make those long calls with customers in Quebec and beyond while maintaining the same call quality regardless of the location.

Why Use Eyesurf’s VoIP Phone Service

  • We use the latest VoIP technology to give you crystal clear calls
  • Our Quebec VoIP phone service is very easy to set up and get started
  • Save money by getting rid of the operational and maintenance costs of traditional phone lines
  • Enjoy high speed internet connectivity and bundled savings

What is VoIP?

VoIP is a technology that uses internet protocol networks to facilitate voice communication. Other than having the traditional telephone lines in your business, a computer can be used to make quality and reliable calls so long as it has access to high speed internet. Your Quebec business can use VoIP to improve its communication with customers and employees. Unlike the traditional telephone lines that are likely to present issues like low sound quality and poor connection, VoIP allows you to communicate with people in different locations and using varying devices.

What We Offer Quebec Businesses at Eyesurf

When you choose our VoIP service for your Quebec business, expect:

  1. A Quick & Easy Setup
    • We take just a few minutes to connect the VoIP phone lines making sure they meet your needs. All that is needed is an adapter and modem, and you can start to enjoy crystal clear calls. We even offer you affordable internet packages so you can save money along the way.
  2. An Automated Attendant Feature
    • When you register our VoIP business service, you get an automated personal assistant to direct each call that comes in. This feature comes in handy when you don’t have a receptionist on duty to direct calls. We offer the automated attendant feature service and super-clear calls at a very affordable rate. No other VoIP business service in Quebec can match our affordability and quality.
  3. Conference Call Feature
    • With our VoIP service, you can hold multiple conference calls, speak to as many people as you like in different locations. The conference call feature allows you to hold business meetings and fulfill other needs. With our high-speed internet, you can even use video teleconferencing depending on your business needs.