Your High Speed Internet package will include…

  • High Speed Internet
  • Unlimited downloading
  • All applicable networking and dry loop fees already included

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Unlimited Home Internet

Experience High Speed
Internet at Home That Truly Is Unlimited

Life’s busy schedule makes it challenging to catch your favorite shows when they air. Thanks to home Internet and innovations in technology, you can now watch your favorite series at a time that’s best for you. With Eyesurf’s unlimited Internet access you can stream the big game according to your schedule, interruption free! With our lightning fast high speed Internet and unlimited downloading, you’ll be able to host as many movie nights as you’d like and never have to worry about exceeding your download capacity.

Unlike many other telecomm companies, at Eyesurf, when we offer our customers home Internet service with no contracts, no gimmicks, and no hidden fees–that’s precisely what you’ll get! The logic behind this truth is really quite simple. As an Eyesurf customer you’ll have full control over how you prefer to use your high speed Internet. Perhaps you’re a casual home Internet user and occasionally play online games, and upload or download photos. Or maybe you’re a busy executive who needs unlimited internet to intermittently work remotely and you require a reliable, high speed home Internet connection to transfer large data and image files, or to do a video conference meeting. Regardless of your usage, we’ve got a package that will meet your needs.

With unlimited Internet you’ll be free to stream endless amounts of music and turn your bedroom into your own private music hall. Why settle for being constricted by rigid downloading caps or stuck having to pay obscene prices simply to enjoy the high speed Internet service that meets your lifestyle.

Nowadays, when it comes to high speed Internet, let’s face it, we’ve become very impatient–even spoiled. Whether browsing multiple pages, using numerous programs simultaneously, or trying to perform essential software updates, you expect nothing but the fastest results from your unlimited internet. Similarly, when it comes time to upload audio and visual files, such as high resolution photos or large video files, stream movies or audio, you don’t want to have to wait around for files to render and load. There are few things more frustrating than this. We promise that each time you go online, you’ll be thanking yourself for having switched to Eyesurf’s home Internet service.

With Eyesurf you can ride the wave to affordable unlimited Internet service without having to pay additional bandwidth fees. You can choose from a variety of packages available at unbeatable prices. Why settle for average, when you can have exceptional home Internet service.

All internet packages include Unlimited downloading!