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Satisfaction rating 4.8
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Little to nitpick. Lots to love.

Contract-free high-speed home internet that works wonders.

"I've been a faithful customer now going on ten years and have know complaints, just last month I called them and said; hi I've had this modem now ten years and surly they have made better ones by now have you any faster modems that I can get?  Yes the rep said back and the next day Purolator was at my door with a new modem for me."

Paul Sheppard

Local Guide | Level 5

"Great speed. 25% cheaper and 150x faster then previous service. Bell alliant was 145 a month for  07mb/s.Eyesurf comes in at 97$ for 300mb/s"

Mat Leblanc

"I got Eyesurf internet about a year ago and greatly enjoy it!  It is easy to set up and perfectly suits my needs. Yesterday I also decided to get the TV service.  It was easy to set up after getting some clarification by phone.  Another great decision!!"

Carol Jackson

"I have been with eyesurf corp for a year now and the money I have saved with them compared to the big wigs I was able to get a bigger and more fancier TV. The service has never been down and the mobile service I started this year has been the best decision I have ever made.. But don't take my word for it, let eyesurf corp speak for itself....."

Andre Arts

"Would highly recommend trying Eyesurf. They treat you like a person, not a number. I like how they always followed up with a courtesy call to ensure everything was working.I would like to thank all the support team for their assistance. Especially to Shawn, always kept me in the loop and determined to help me.  He definitely went above and beyond. Thank you Shawn!! Like I said, I would give you a raise if I could 😉"

Lucy N

"I signed up right as COVID lockdown began and expected some hiccups due to distancing and mail delays, but the delivery and set up was quick. The speeds are good, connection is very consistent (think I’ve had two issues in 8 months), and the cost is better value that what others are offering."


Local Guide | Level 5

"Can't say enough good about these guys. service is great, but i really enjoy how they answer the phone so promptly. when i call in, i don't need to wait on hold for 30 minutes like i did with my other company. my install was done on the requested date, the tech helped connect to the internet and I might even try their TV soon! recommended."

Hunter Matthews

"Best customer service.  Only isp that would support my own dsl model hardware.  I have had problems with the phone line networks near my house which affected my connection multiple times, each time Bell said it was my equipment or my lines in the house, but the support represented my interests and was able to get Bell to service the network.  Great price as well is the icing on the cake."

Johnny Price

"I moved to Kitchener during covid19 and needed internet. I called Eyesurf and they assured me I could get setup. They shipped me the modem and the tech remotely activated the line to my unit. I connect the modem and it was working as expected. I have used the service for the past 3 weeks and it works well. I can game and stream on multiple devices without any issues."

N Robo (robot_fury)

Local Guide | Level 5

"Great service and customer service"

Lorne Hayes

Local Guide | Level 5


We do it all once and for all.

Replace four contracts in one go—with no contract at all.


Over 99.9% verified uptime to help you kick some serious tasks.

Get consistent fast internet speeds, even at peak times. That means unlimited seamless streaming, fluid gaming, and effortless work-from-home internet service that works like magic. If something goes wrong, instantly get the step-by-step support you need.

Why choose Eyesurf

Over 99.9% uptime.
Instantly get support.
No early termination fees.
Fast, unlimited internet service.
Reliability rating 4.8
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So Dinosaur won't disturb you anymore.

Two co-workers signing up for Eyesurf while sitting on a stairway.

Switching is simple.

The easiest way to connect your home to a high-speed internet service provider.

Pick your plan.

A plan for every home.

Pick your modem.

A modem for every home.

Pick your time.

A time for every home.

Easy payments.

SSL secured payments.

Oh so vast. Oh so fast.

Coast-to-coast internet coverage in Canada.

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Nova Scotia
Northern Ontario
British Columbia
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Privacy is the best policy.

Your business is none of our business. We collect only the bare minimum to connect a place you call home. Nothing more.

No credit checks

No paperwork. No contracts. No unnecessary data collection. Not even identity verification.

No site logs

The sites you choose to visit stay private. We keep no internet logs, IP addresses, or browsing data.

A family gathered in a living room while the mom is working online on her Macbook.

Mobile plans

Pay as you go.
Go as you play.

No contracts here either. You bring your device. We bring the fast connectivity. All plans include unlimited talk and text.

Unlimited texts

If a single text can make a day—just imagine what limitless texts can do.

Unlimited calls

Call anyone you'd like for as long as you'd like at any time you'd like.

A person working from home using Eyesurf's internet and mobile plans.

Home phone

Unlimited calls.
Unlimited potential.

You guessed it. No contracts here either.

Unlimited calls

Call anyone in Canada at no extra charge for as long as you'd like.

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Unlimited calls
Call display
3-way calling
Call forwarding
Call waiting
Voicemail to email
Get connected
Canada & US
Unlimited calls
Call display
3-way calling
Call forwarding
Call waiting
Voicemail to email
Get connected

TV plans

The channels you love at the price you love.

So much more than before. And so much less too. 

Up to 70 channels

Whether you like movies, sports, news, or animations—we got you.

Seamless streaming

Intuitive buffer-free streaming just the way you expect it to work.

A couple having a relaxing movie night.
30 Channels
Available at
Easy setup
No contracts
No cancellation fees
See channels
65 Channels
Available at
Easy setup
No contracts
No cancellation fees
See channels
70 Channels
Available at
Easy setup
No contracts
No cancellation fees
See channels
Eyesurf FAQ
Eyesurf FAQ
Eyesurf FAQ
Eyesurf FAQ
Eyesurf FAQ
Eyesurf FAQ
Eyesurf FAQ
Eyesurf FAQ
Eyesurf FAQ
Eyesurf FAQ

Still have questions?
We have answers.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we're asked.

How do I sign up for Eyesurf internet?

Simply do a coverage check on your address.

Then: Pick your plan. Pick your router. Pick your installation time. Pick your payment method.

That's it. It really is that simple. No contracts. No paperwork.

How long does the internet service activation process take?

We understand how important it is to connect your home to the internet as fast as possible.

Activation time depends on your province and demand:

Ontario: 3-5 days
Nova Scotia: 10 days
BC & Alberta: 5-10 days
Quebec: 5-7 days
New Brunswick: 3-5 days
Newfoundland: 3-5 days

You're welcome to do a live address coverage check to see an exact time frame for your address with current demand in your area. Once your order is submitted, we will also contact you with a verified activation date & time frame that works for you and your home.

Is Eyesurf a reliable internet services provider?

Eyesurf is one of the most reliable internet providers in Canada with a 99.99% verified internet uptime. Eyesurf has been around since 2010. We've been around the block. We've learned from our mistakes. And most importantly, we've put systems in place to pride ourselves in the fact that we're one of Canada's most reliable high-bandwidth internet services providers.

What is Eyesurf 1 Gig internet?

Eyesurf 1 Gig Home Internet is Eyesurf's fastest wired internet plan and one of the fastest internet lines in Canada without any long-term contracts or data caps for crisp 8K streaming and lag-free gaming designed specifically with power users and gamers in mind.

What is Eyesurf's cancellation policy?

At Eyesurf, you are not locked into a contract. You may cancel at any time without incurring any cancellation fees. Simply reach out to us and we'll help you cancel your plan without any negative sentiment.

What payment options do Eyesurf accept?

We accept service payment via national and international debit or credit cards.

We also accept payment via national bank transfers at selected partner banks.

Still have questions?
Just ask.

Instant assistance is available between 8 am ET – 9 pm ET.