The Pick Your Price Referral Program!

One of the ways that we keep the cost of our services so low is by not spending extraneous amounts on traditional advertising. As a result, we rely heavily on word-of-mouth from our existing customers.

If you are satisfied with your services and would like to lower your costs, we would like to introduce you to our Pick Your Price referral promotion

Continue reading to learn more about this exciting offer…

What is it?

Refer your friends to any Eyesurf High Speed Internet & Phone bundle, and receive $5 off your monthly bill for an entire year!

This totals to $60 of savings for EACH referral to any of our bundled services!

See the following table for reference (based on a regular price of $50):

# of referrals
Monthly service fee
1 referral$45
2 referrals$40
3 referrals$35
4 referrals$30
5 referrals$25
6 referrals$20
7 referrals$15
8 referrals$10
9 referrals$5
10 referrals$0

Which packages are eligible?

In order to receive the referral bonuses, the person that you refer must subscribe to any of our bundled services (Home Phone & Internet)

How do I refer?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Locate your CID Number: This is simply your Customer ID Number and is found on your invoice
  • Provide CID to your friends/family: Once your referral has signed up, have them provide your CID number to our representative
  • Enjoy: Enjoy your savings of $5/month for a year per referral!