Get More Internet for Less the Cost in Quebec

Business Internet You Can Toast To

Doing work in the present business environment calls for a reliance on the internet. This, in turn, demands a reliable internet provider. Whether your work is home or office-based, whether you are a start-up, a freelancer or an established business, your business in Quebec needs internet. At Eyesurf we enable you to take advantage of these opportunities with our reliable internet service that uses DSL technology.

How Does DSL Technology Work?

DSL, an acronym for Digital Subscriber Line is an innovative and cost-efficient way of transmitting digital information. It works by dividing the telephone lines into two creating a high-frequency line and a low-frequency line. The high-frequency line then becomes the platform through which internet information is shared, while the usual telephone functions are carried out over the low-frequency line.

Using this technology, our internet service provides you with the following benefits:

  1.    You get fast speeds whether you’re uploading or downloading content
  2.    It is easy to set up and install the system and also very simple to use
  3.    Responsive customer service
  4.    Business grade security ensuring your data is not hacked on by third parties and your network is protected from attacks.

Why Pick Eyesurf as Your Internet Provider?

  1. Flexibility & Scalable Packages
    • Our internet service is designed to cater for just about everyone in Quebec. DSL technology allows us to cater for both residential and commercial clients. This means whether it is a home office or at your branch, you can enjoy our services. We have packages designed for clients with heavy internet use as well as for those who use the internet for lighter tasks. Your business can literally grow with our packages since they allow for easy scaling up and down. Eyesurf’s internet service is largely beneficial to both small and medium enterprises. We have customized our packages to cater for those market segments whose need for affordable internet is more crucial to their success and growth as a business.
  2. Fast & Reliable
    • If you are working with an internet service provider that does not offer internet consistently and at the speeds promised, then you are getting no value for your money. Issues of constant downtime and lagging speeds cost you money and reputation especially if you are relying on the internet to reach customers. Our speeds allow you conduct a whole range of business and activities online without a problem. We have a reputation of delivering just as we promise and you can count on us anytime.
  3. A Comprehensive Range Of Internet Solutions
    • We provide an unlimited range of products covering the whole spectrum from internet broadband, business security to private networking. This ensures you do not have to get support elsewhere or get other technicians but rely on just one company in Quebec to provide all of them. We have a great support team always ready to get your inquiries and concerns. We stay with you from the moment we help you set up our service and provide you consistent help whenever you need it.

Contact us today and know more about our packages and how you can use them for your business.