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Free calling areas exclude certain destinations, including (but not limited to) Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Hawaii and Alaska. All calling plans are subject to our accpetable use policy. Click here for details. Note that this is a Digital Phone service that requires a High Speed Internet connection. 911 works differently than traditional 911. Here’s how. Full terms and conditions found here.

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Business VoIP Service in Canada

Are you looking for exceptional call quality and overall service reliability? Get this with Eyesurf’s VoIP service. Our VoIP service for businesses in Canada comes with amazing features at a price that’s lower than your traditional phone service. We offer VoIP solutions to allow your employees and customers to connect at any time and from anywhere. We use the latest VoIP technology to ensure you never have to worry about making conversations possible between your employees and customers.
What is Business VoIP?
Businesses in Canada are now using the latest technology, known as VoIP to meet their calling needs. This is simply a service that uses high-speed internet connection to make and receive phone calls without the need to use traditional phone lines. It offers Canadian businesses the kind of flexibility and features needed to keep in touch with their clients and other stakeholders at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems.

Why Choose Eyesurf’s VoIP Service for Your Canadian Business?

  • A fast and easy setup regardless of the number of phone lines you need connected in order to fulfill your business needs. You only need to have an adapter and modem in order to connect and start using the service. You may even use our business internet packages to save money and be assured of a reliable, high-speed connection.
  • An automated attendant feature which allows you to direct your phone calls without having a receptionist. It acts like an automated personal assistant that will assign each call to the appropriate party. This feature is particularly useful on weekends or public holidays when some of your staff are not in the office. The automated attendant feature together with clear calls for a cost-effective price makes our VoIP service the best for Canada businesses.
  • Enjoy call conferencing facilities which allow your business to connect with multiple participants in different locations. This feature enables you to make many conference calls while maintaining the same reliability and speed. With our high-speed internet, you can even make video calls when teleconferencing.

With Eyesurf’s business VoIP service, Canadian businesses can gain in the following ways:

  • Staff can connect from virtually anywhere and at anytime
  • Access to a wide range of calling features that can be used on any device
  • Save money by only paying for the phone features you need
  • Reduce the upfront cost of investing in a traditional phone service
  • Get rid of the operating and maintenance costs of a traditional phone service.
  • Keep your business running at all times
  • Fast and easy setup


Get excellent call quality, lower service prices and enterprise-level features at Eyesurf. Call us today for a business VoIP service to help your Canada business achieve its goals.