Your High Speed Internet package will include…

  • High Speed Internet
  • Unlimited downloading
  • Unlimited uploading
  • Plenty of download speeds to choose from

Your phone package will include…

  • Digital Home Phone Service
  • Free calling in Canada
  • Free calling  in USA (add $5/mo)
  • All calling features included
    • Call Display
    • Call Waiting
    • Call Forwarding
    • Three-way Calling
    • Voicemail
    • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Requires a High Speed Internet connection
  • Use your existing phones. No need to purchase new ones

Unclear about any of the above? Feel free to give us a call at 1-855-804-SURF (7873) and we would be happy to answer any questions

Affordable Home Phone Internet Bundles in Alberta

Partner with a trusted internet service provider dedicated to offering clients unmatched value and competitive prices. Our home phone internet bundles allow you to enjoy a reliable internet service which comes at a reasonable price. At Eyesurf, we offer low cost, no hidden fees, no gimmicks and no contracts that tie you up.

As a leading internet service provider in Alberta, our focus has always been to offer customers an unmatched service. All our home phone internet packages are designed to serve different needs and budgets. When you sign up for Eyesurf’s internet home phone service, expect a reliable and fast connection wherever you are in Alberta.

Save More With Eyesurf

We help homeowners to save more money by bundling internet services with their home phone. We are among the cheapest internet service providers in Alberta due to combining our internet with your home phone service. You get to pay only a single package deal at a low-cost price. Eyesurf’s internet bundle packages are not confusing at all. We show you what customers always want and need. Our goal is to keep things simple and straightforward so our customers always know what they’re paying for.

Enjoy High-Speed Internet At All Times

When you sign up for any of our home internet bundles, we promise high speed internet at all times. Whether you need to download music, skype with friends from all over the globe or hold a video conference meeting, we promise a consistently fast internet speed. We are one of the leading internet home phone providers so we guarantee quality and reliability at all times. Eyesurf is a transparent and credible internet service provider. The price you see is what you pay for. There are no hidden charges or extra monthly fees.

Connect With Friends And Family

Wherever your friends and family members are in Canada, connecting with them is easy with Eyesurf’s home phone internet bundles. We get rid of the hassle of long distance fees or the fear of getting an outrageous phone bill when you make a long-distance call. We even have a referral program which allows you to save extra cash whenever you recommend a friend or family member to become our client.

Enjoy Annual Savings

At Eyesurf, we help you to save each year with our affordable home phone bundle packages. You never have to worry about our internet quality being compromised because of the low cost. We always promise to maintain a reasonable price and reliable internet service regardless of the package you choose.

Our customers and referrals have given lots of positive feedback. Join our happy customers by signing up to our home phone internet bundles today. Choose from multiple packages designed to meet your needs and budget.

Unlimited Downloading, Plenty of download speeds to choose from, Unlimited Canadian Long Distance