5+ Business VoIP Plan Benefits

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5+ Business VoIP Plan Benefits

Taking Your Phone Service Digital Is a Smart Business Move

Typically when you’re considering getting a new phone line, the choices are simple: do you want POTS (plain old telephone service; no, really, it’s called that) or a cellular phone? But when you’re shopping around for a business phone service, there is another alternative which beats the other choices out by a significant margin. This is VoIP—voice over internet protocol—and it allows you to use the internet as a phone line. Here are a few benefits that come with a business VoIP plan, so you can compare its benefits against POTS or mobile when it comes to business.

It’s Cost-Effective

A traditional phone can give you significant long-distance charges, and a mobile plan, even with unlimited long distance, can still give you expensive data charges and roaming fees if you find yourself travelling. Because the internet doesn’t charge for the distance that information travels, your VoIP number can call anywhere, from anywhere, for the same charge. And speaking of calling anywhere…

It’s Portable

Yes, a cellphone is portable too. But when you need to make an important business call while on a vacation or work trip in another country, your cell might be useless. All you need to access your business phone service is an internet connection. You could be in Hong Kong, making a cheap call to the United States—from a Canadian phone number.

Voicemail—In Your Inbox

Imagine having the power to easily listen to voicemail on demand, sort messages, save them or delete them—all without having to run through an automated voice system on your keypad. Most business VoIP packages will send your voicemail straight to your email inbox for convenient access. Some will even transcribe them into text!

Cross-Platform Integration

Imagine you are at your desk, browsing the website of a company that you would like to do business with. On their website is a contact number. You click the number, and your phone begins dialling immediately. Convenient and time-saving features like this are abound with VoIP, especially when integrated with your computer system.

High-Fidelity Sound

Let’s just face it: your cellphone doesn’t just drop calls; it also gives you poor sound quality. This may be fine for personal calls, but for business phone service, you need to be able to hear important details like account numbers, meeting times, and more. A web-based phone can transmit high-fidelity sound both ways, ensuring you know the difference between M as is “Marco,” or N as in “Nancy.”

And Even More

Hold music, automatic forwarding to your mobile, call screening, call monitoring for quality assurance, automated menus, and more—these are all the features a good business VoIP comes with. When you need a quality phone line for your business, the future is digital.

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