How to Check Your Internet Speed

How to Check Your Internet Speed

When you sign up with high-speed internet providers in Canada, you’re entering into an agreement that upon providing them with your payment details and loyalty to their services, you are receiving a fast and reliable internet connection.

Internet connections are a fundamental right in our modern society as most individuals and businesses rely on them to conduct their personal and professional affairs. But what happens when your internet connection isn’t performing at its optimal level? You’re likely wasting precious time trying to download or upload important data — time that could be spent somewhere more productive.

Let’s explore the factors contributing to internet speed, how to check your connection, and what to look for in a trusted internet provider.

Why is Internet Speed Important?

Whether you’re using the internet to stream movies with your friends, upload and send important professional documents, or need a quality internet speed for gaming, there’s no question that speed plays an integral role in your internet connection.

Without a secure and efficient internet speed, you’re going to spend excess minutes stuck at your computer or electronic device when that time could be better spent engaging in other professional tasks or spending time with friends or family. If you’re trying to watch a movie while your kids want to play a multiplayer online game upstairs, poor internet speeds won’t allow you to do both. Simply put, it’s a significant inconvenience.

Checking Your Internet Speed

Understanding how to check your internet speed at home or the office is important to the longevity and efficiency of your overall internet connection. The process of checking your internet speed is relatively straightforward, however, it’s important to understand the nuances that often come with these types of interruptions.

The Impacts of Throttled Internet

Let’s say you’ve been experiencing satisfactory internet speeds when suddenly your connection begins to lag and certain web pages won’t upload as quickly as they used to. Your first question is likely, is my internet being throttled? The good news is that there’s an easy way to tell if this is the case.

You can run a speed test to determine if your internet service provider is throttling your connection. Once you’ve completed your test, the next step is to install a private VPN and run a second test. If your internet speed is noticeably faster with a virtual private network in place, chances are you’re experiencing throttled internet from your ISP.

Throttled internet can occur for a number of reasons. The most common is that you’re close to exceeding, or have exceeded, what your ISP considers as a cap on your data usage. Knowing how to conduct speed tests on your various electronic devices will help you determine the appropriate next steps.

How to Check Internet Speed on a Computer

Whether you’re working with a laptop or desktop, it’s important to know how to effectively check your computer’s internet speed. The goal is to compare your current bandwidth at home or at work to what your internet service provider has promised.

Understanding how to check internet speed on a Mac, specifically, is important as approximately 14 percent of internet users use Mac computers to complete their personal and professional tasks. Once you’ve determined your current internet speed, you can make a conscious decision to upgrade your current plan, or select an internet service provider that doesn’t engage in throttling or any additional hindrances to its consumers.

If possible, using a wired connection will help ensure there is no interference or fluctuations that you may face if you’re connected through Wi-Fi. If you have additional devices connected to your network, plug your computer directly into the modem to eliminate interference. Ensure your computer isn’t downloading any software updates during the test and close as many apps as possible.

Using Google as your search engine, simply type in “speed test” into the browser bar and you’ll be prompted with simple instructions on the ideal way to test your internet speed. Be mindful that the time of day you test will impact your overall speed. If you’re testing during peak hours, your numbers will likely be slower than during off-peak hours. If your connection is significantly slower than what your ISP has promised, it may be time to switch to Eyesurf’s fast and reliable internet connections in Canada.

How to Check Internet Speed on an iPhone

Since many internet users rely on their mobile devices to engage with the world around them, speed is just as important of a factor as it is with a laptop or desktop computer.

To effectively check your iPhone’s internet speed, there are several options at your disposal. The app store offers a selection of apps designed to conduct these specific tests, including Speedtest by Ookla, SpeedChecker, and SpeedTest Master. These apps, some free and some requiring payment, offer iPhone users the opportunity to test their connectivity speed at any time.

Choosing the Right Internet Service Provider

The right providers and internet services in Ontario can make all the difference to your overall experience. When it comes to selecting a provider that you can trust, there are several important qualities and amenities to be mindful of:

  • Transparent Monthly Pricing
  • Accessible Customer Support
  • Advanced Software & Automation
  • Able to Provide Connections Across Canada and Internationally
  • Affordable Internet, Phone, and TV Bundles for Optimal Convenience

At the end of the day, your internet service provider should always be putting their customers first — from the first moment you sign up.

Internet Providers in Toronto

Eyesurf is proud to be a leading internet service provider in Toronto and across Canada. As telecommunication specialists, we work with residential and commercial communities all over the country to upgrade their internet service and provide faster and more reliable connections.

We guide our customers through the entire setup process, ensuring they understand how to securely connect their devices and how to check their internet speed throughout the year. With the best TV and internet bundles in Ontario and knowledgeable customer support, there’s no better choice for internet service providers in Canada.

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