The Benefits of Home Phone Service

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The Benefits of Home Phone Service

With the rise of smartphones, many are considering disconnecting their home phone service and relying solely on their cell phones to stay in touch with the world. If you’re thinking of doing the same, you may want to reconsider. Whether it’s a landline, or Voice Over IP (VoIP), here are some of the reasons you still need a home phone:

No additional costs

Having a home phone means never paying by the minute or being charged additional fees for outgoing calls. You are charged one flat rate for your home phone service, and many plans offered by phone and internet service providers include unlimited long distance calls. You can call your family across the country at any time without worrying about your outrageous cell phone bill.

Enhanced security

Cell phones use GPS to report your location, but this won’t be accurate enough if you’re located inside of an apartment or condo building during an emergency. A home phone is connected to your address, which means that in case of an emergency phone call, a 911 operator will know exactly where to send help, including the exact floor and unit number. If you have VoIP home phone service, you’ll also have access to e911 services, which automatically provides your information to police dispatch using online data collected by your internet service providers.

Better sound quality

While the quality of cell phones has come a long way, they’re still no match for a home phone. You’ll have a crisp, crystal clear connection at all times, no matter where you live. With a cell phone you risk poor reception and dropped calls. Sound quality is especially important if you are hearing impaired, or often use your phone in a noisy environment.


What if you drop you cell phone and it breaks, or you lose it altogether? What if the power is out, and your cell phone is dead? Having no access to a landline would mean going an extended period of time without a phone and without a way to contact friends or loved ones. Having a landline will ensure that you always have a way to get in touch with those who need you.

Cost savings

It may seem as though disconnecting your home phone has the potential to save you some money, but often, the opposite is true. Many home phone and internet service providers offer great savings if you bundle both services, so being rid of your home phone may mean paying more for your internet service.
Although you can’t use a home phone to take pictures, send text messages or play solitaire, that doesn’t mean you should get rid of yours. Contact your home phone and internet service provider today!

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