Business VoIP May Be The Better Deal

VoIP calling and phone service

Business VoIP May Be The Better Deal

Business VoIP Has A Number Of Benefits And Features That Set it Apart From Traditional Phone Service

With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you get phone service through an Internet connection rather than the phone company. Business Internet providers deliver calls to your phones and software clients, usually without the need for additional on-site hardware. VoIP has become popular with small businesses for many reasons, including the following:

Easy to use

VoIP is so simple that you don’t need more than a basic understanding of technology to work with it. You can also say goodbye to messy cables that become clutter – or worse, fire hazards – in the office with your phone service. Unlike traditional phone systems that come with extra cables, business VoIP typically requires a small box.


VoIP allows you to integrate services so they are accessible over the Internet. For example, it’s possible to talk on the phone and access services such as email, fax and remote conferencing through integration. Plus, you can take the adapters anywhere, making it easy to hold conversations wherever there is an internet connection. Some providers offer mobile apps so you can make and receive calls from the road using your data connection.


VoIP is significantly cheaper than traditional phone service. As a result, small businesses can allocate the funds that would’ve been spent on traditional phone bills to other aspects of the business. Why is VoIP less expensive?
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  • Less hardware to buy or lease. Instead of costly new hardware, you can add new extensions to the business VoIP network.
  • Low fees. VoIP providers offer low monthly subscription plans, often with no contract required.
  • Accessibility. Even if your staff is located far from the office, they can make in-network calls over the data networks.



Employees can be more productive with VoIP because it allows them to multi-task without interruption. They can attach documents, share data, and conduct virtual meetings with VoIP. In addition, the clarity is so strong that it eliminates distorted and dropped phone calls.

More features

Alongside the basic features found with traditional phone service systems such as voice mail, faxing, and caller ID, many VoIP providers offer additional features such as integration with office software, virtual receptionists, and advanced call screening. In many cases, these services come with a monthly subscription, although the prices are commonly lower than those found at traditional phone companies.

VoIP uses software, not hardware, so maintaining the system is easier. Adding new components is easy and hassle-free.  With so many benefits to business VoIP, it’s no surprise that it has become the first choice for small businesses around the country.

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