Better Service Begins with the Right Business Phone Service

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Better Service Begins with the Right Business Phone Service

Obtaining a business phone service is a key component of getting a business up and running, as well as ensuring a clear, uninterrupted channel of communication. Both the day to day and long term success of a company largely depends on the company being easily accessible to clients or customers, and having the proper business phone service allows the company to reach out to these customers, as well. Choosing the right service, however, can be tricky, but it’s important; there are a number of options available for business—business VoIP, landline, mobile, or sometimes even a combination thereof—and each of them offers its own particular advantage. It really comes down to the nature and size of a business, and its communication needs. Here are some general factors to consider in order to ensure your business phone service—VoIP, landline or mobile—is the optimal choice for your business venture.


Landlines are by far longstanding, the best understood, and most consistent form of telephone communication. Landlines simply have history—we need them, and except on rare occasions, they’re reliable. Multiple lines are possible, and the options of voicemail and faxes, and so on are readily available. Land lines simply make great sense when accessibility is needed for multiple employees. The drawback? It does come at a price: they can be expensive.


Business VoIP has advanced tremendously, and as a result, has become an increasingly popular—and reliable—option for a business owner regarding business phone service. VoIP uses internet instead of actual wires to facilitate communication; additionally, the same phone hardware can be used and the same services offered as with a landline. One of the biggest draws of business VoIP is its affordability; being internet-based, it’s often a fraction of the price of a landline service. The important thing to ensure with VoIP service is that you have a good reliable internet provider—because no internet equals no phone service.


Cell phones play a role when choosing a business phone service, as well. For a small business, especially if you’re the sole employee, a mobile phone makes sense. If you’re the only one taking calls, a larger system may not be necessary, and a mobile phone can be cost-effective in this case—most people have them already, anyway. It can also go with you!


A combination of the above options also works for some, particularly in the case of mobile phones rounding out, or supplementing the business VoIP or landline service. Again, rare is the person without their own personal device, with which some participate in business communications. Even the case of company-provided cells, employees can remain accessible and contribute to important decisions with clients in real time. Combining phone services is really comes down to being an affordability decision.
While the right telephone communication system can be tough to nail down, it deserves some real attention and consideration because the investment will directly impact business success and longevity.

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