Business Internet: Go Big or Fall Behind

business internet

Business Internet: Go Big or Fall Behind

Internet Service Providers Now Offer High Speeds and Unlimited Downloads—And Your Business Can Benefit

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years, you’ve likely heard one of the hottest words in the world used over and over again: “unlimited.” Cable companies, mobile phone vendors, and internet service providers love to give you unlimited browsing, unlimited talk and text, unlimited downloads, and more. Some of these are, in actuality, limited by conditions and clauses and hidden fees, but for the last few years, truly unlimited high-speed service has been becoming a reality. And if you’re not using a business internet plan that gives your company unlimited bandwidth, you’re going to find yourself lagging behind.
Here are two big reasons why your business should call up its internet service provider today and ask for an unlimited high-speed plan:

More Staff=More Usage

If you are a small company or a start-up that is experiencing growth, you’ve probably noticed that even though your revenue grows, growing your staff with it means that your overheads are increasing, too. And with each employee spending a solid eight hours or more at their terminal, that equates to forty more hours of uploads and downloads every week per new employee. If you work with any kind of multimedia, large file formats, cloud storage, or any other bandwidth-eater, this adds up. Going unlimited means not sweating over every gigabyte of data.
While we’re at it, let’s point out that the more speed, the better. Not because an employee should be able to play World of Warcraft at their desk without a lag (you know who you are), but because, especially on wireless connections, your connection speed is divided by each employee using it. The higher the speed, the more there is to share, and the better performance each individual user gets.

You Can Do More

We previously mentioned the cloud. Cloud computing is a method for digitizing formerly physical infrastructure by hosting these infrastructure elements online. It can save you money on equipment and maintenance, but only if that money isn’t hemorrhaging back into overuse fees for your business internet plan. Go unlimited and you can use the cloud to improve the efficiency of your business with a fast return on your investment. Go high-speed, and the speed at which you access small and medium files on the cloud will hardly be noticeably different from if they were on your hard drive. Even large files won’t need to take ages to access—perfect for video presentations and the like.
If your business internet package is leaving you feeling like you’re trapped in 1999, it’s time for an upgrade, and all the benefits that incredible speeds and unlimited downloads and uploads can offer. Contact your internet service provider today to go unlimited, and take your business into the 21st century.

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