Save With Business Phone Service

Business phone services can help you save

Save With Business Phone Service

How A Business Phone Service Can Help You Save In the Long Run

When you’ve just started a business, it’s a given you’re going to need to double up on a few things. Suddenly, your personal cell phone is now your main business phone. Service calls and requests for more information or quotes take precedence, and at the price you pay for mobile service, your bill will inevitably start to rise. But that’s not the only reason you should consider investing in a business phone service – here are a few more reasons why it’s a smart investment.

Voicemail Options

It’s far easier to run a business when your phone can hold more than three voicemails at a time. Cell phones are limited in this regard, but business-oriented phone services are designed to field numerous calls and store messages that you might not be able to answer right away.

Reduce Your Costs

Though touched on above, it can’t be stressed enough that a business phone will save you in the long run. Using a cell phone as your main business line will only result in long distance, roaming, and data charges adding up to a bigger bill than you’d like.

Avoid Service Limitations

We’ve all been there – the dreaded service dead zone, where without warning your cell phone loses all reception, flashing the words “No Service.” Service limitations are tolerable in your personal life, but can mean missed business opportunities in the professional world. A proper business phone line can ensure your clients have a reliable line to reach at all times.

Stepping Away From Your Phone

Sometimes you need to charge your cell phone. Sometimes you just need a break from it all. Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to put the phone down. If a cell phone is your main business line, then you’re almost guaranteeing missed business if a client can’t get through because your battery’s worn down.

Long-Distance Gone Wrong

Most cell phone plans have limitations on national and international calling, charging long distance rates outside your home service area, or increasing costs on peak hours. Either way, they’re charges you want to avoid, but a potential client phoning Ottawa from Toronto won’t know that. The best solution is to provide a reliable business number that won’t ding you on the distance.

There are many reasons why investing in a reliable business phone service make sense. Using your personal cell phone is, at the end of the day, a stop-gap, and making an upgrade can add a greater sense of professionalism and reliability for your budding business.

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