David vs. Goliath: How Small Internet Providers Won Me Over

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David vs. Goliath: How Small Internet Providers Won Me Over

 I’d never put much thought into choosing Internet providers. To me, it seemed like a pretty simple process – you choose your plan, pay each month and then you’re set Facebook and Pinterest away. So, I didn’t put much research into choosing my first wireless provider, who I’ll call Goliath.

Our apartment at the time was only home to three people, so we went with a 150 gigabyte monthly plan. As three college students, it was the most we could afford. However, we soon learned that 150 gigabytes simply did not suffice (thanks, Netflix). And after a series of over usage charges and expensive bills, we knew we had to upgrade to unlimited Internet. Initially we tried to upgrade within our current Internet providers. But this proved a much harder feat than first thought. One would assume that a bigger company would mean better customer service, but for us this was not the case. In trying to make changes to our account, we had to speak to several different representatives, who had vastly different levels of training. This left us without resolution and more confused than ever. With so many plans, charges and sales, no two employees could seem to give us the same response. This is when we decided to cancel our plan with Goliath and seek out different Internet providers.
After some research, we came across a smaller telecommunications company I’ll call David. David promised several unlimited Internet plans, which were much more straightforward. They had us at “unlimited.” Although we cringed a little opening that first bill, the balance was no more than what we had originally agreed on. Finally, no extra charges.
Since signing up with David, our customer service experience has been nothing short of pleasant. Although David has much fewer employees, they are all highly trained and knowledgeable. We know a few of them by name, and are able to ask for them specifically anytime a question arises.
As students, having an unlimited Internet plan with no extra charges is extremely important. With our limited incomes, we have to stick to a strict monthly budget. I assume that because of Goliath’s immense customer base, they try to offer a wide array of deals and bundles in order to appeal to the masses. Unfortunately in our case, the deal the salesman promised and the services IT provided did not match up. And with our financial situation, we just needed a simpler solution.
Through it all, we’ve learned that bigger sometimes means more complex and that isn’t always better. Keeping it simple is how David beat Goliath for us.
For more information on unlimited Internet providers, click here.

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