Do Away with your High-Speed Internet Contract

high speed internet

Do Away with your High-Speed Internet Contract

In Canada we’ve become so accustomed to signing multi-year contracts to get high-speed internet or phone service. They’re both extremely important services to have – whether you’re a student or a CEO, in today’s connected society, people use both high-speed internet and phone service for work, connecting with friends and family, and general relaxation. At one point in time it seemed the only option for these services in Ontario was one of the big telecommunication giants of Canada. But thanks to changes and updates in CRTC regulations over the last several years, it’s now much easier for smaller high-speed internet and phone service providers to offer competitive service to customers. They provide comparable services in addition to competitive rates and no requirement to sign a contract. So what’s stopping you from leaving the big companies behind and signing up with a smaller company? We’ll look at the most popular services and help you decide the best way to go.

High-Speed Internet

Smaller companies can offer a variety of high-speed internet packages at affordable rates that have consistently reliable download and upload speeds. You don’t have to worry about unexpected lost connections or speeds being throttled because you have a constant and consistent connection.

Phone Service

Phone service is very similar to internet; the smaller companies can offer packages for both local and long-distance calling that offer services comparable to the bigger companies at competitive rates. You don’t have to worry about contracts, and you won’t be forced to bundle phone service with anything else. If you want to bundle, great. If you don’t, no problem.


For Canadians, traditional cable television is no longer the best way to go. With a good high-speed internet package, cable television becomes even less optimal, compared to the wealth of high-quality, high-definition digital streaming services. With a dedicated set-top streaming box, video game console, or even on your computer, you can easily access a number of subscription streaming services with comfort and ease.
All of these services are available at great prices from a variety of providers without signing a contract. Take note to contact the new company beforehand to make sure they offer high-speed internet and phone service in your area, and arrange for the service to start when your old service ends. And just like that, you’ve begun your contract-free life.

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