How Can Independent Providers Offer You Unlimited Internet?

unlimited internet

How Can Independent Providers Offer You Unlimited Internet?

Internet Providers in Ontario Can Finally Save You Cash and Peace of Mind

We’ve all heard the saying which states that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. So, is that also what you think when you are told by your friends and colleagues that unlimited internet access is yours to claim today?
When we see that big-time internet providers in Ontario don’t even offer this service to their most loyal clients, a lot of us think that unlimited internet must have a catch. We all think: “it must be so complicated” or “they must not offer good service”. If you are now a client with a huge independent provider in Ontario… how do you find their customer service these days?
Here is the fantastic news more and more Ontarians are hearing about: there are a number of independent internet providers in Ontario which have the capability to offer you unlimited internet for a fraction of what you are paying now. On top of that, the set-up requires minimal effort on your part… your new provider does all the work!
But how exactly can these few companies offer you unlimited internet, allowing every member of your family to watch all the videos and movies imaginable without the sticker shock? Simply put, some Internet providers in Ontario have the continued right to obtain unlimited bandwidth from the major Canadian internet players (the same ones who are trying to contain you into a usage cap) and pass on this unlimited feature to you, their client.
Of course, a few years ago these same major players tried to shut down every unlimited internet distributor… without success. Luckily, with Internet usage increasing year after year, authorities have given the right to independent internet providers in Ontario to continue providing this feature for every one of their valued clients.
Would you believe that major telecommunication companies will not offer unlimited internet access to clients who have been with them for years? When you calculate the amount they charge you for going above your cap (which most of us movie-lovers do) and project these fees over multiple years, it’s enough to want to make the switch… pronto!
Finally there is an easy solution to the outdated billing model the major telecommunication companies in Canada are trying to force-feed their loyal clients. It’s called internet freedom and it is just a simple phone call away.
Now you can watch all the documentaries you want back-to-back—without having to watch your bill go up by the hour.

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