Internet Security Tips At Home And Overseas

Internet Security Tips By Eyesurf

Internet Security Tips At Home And Overseas

While using the worldwide web, we need to ensure our privacy. There may be no one around us to see what we are doing, kids may be at school, relatives at work and we are totally alone at home. That doesn’t guarantee us of privacy. With cybercrimes creeping and spreading at alarming rates, we can never be totally safe. If left unchecked, hackers are able to access our network and gather a lot of our personal information and data that we wrongly think is safe.

First, in order to see the value of practicing security tips on your network, you need to understand the dangers the hackers pose to you. In recent times, there have been kidnappings executed with the use of the victims’ data that has been posted on social media accounts. Be careful about revealing your whereabouts via social media. There might be someone looking to use this information to harm you. If you are accessing your bank account online, hackers may have a way of accessing your account and when you input the password they get to sweep clean your account.

To avoid all these, you need to understand all about public and private networks.

Public networks are never safe. These are Wi-Fi connections you find at public places like malls, libraries, hotels and gaming lounges. Most of them are open networks which should make you worry. And even if they are password protected, the key is always available to those who pay for it. So it may be very easy for those who ask for it to access your information. Therefore, it would be advisable that you take extra caution when you are connected to a public network. Also, limit yourself from accessing very confidential and sensitive information when using public networks.

Private networks are a very different lane. Always ensure that you are always secure enough usually with a Firewall and antivirus software. This software always protect and encrypt your passwords so that it is not easy for others to access them. When you are working with Internet providers like EyeSurf, networks are typically password protected which ensures that you are the only one who can access your network. This makes sure that all the intruders are kept off, and no hackings can go on unless your Internet provider Ontario gives out the information. That is why it is very important to choose an Internet service provider that you can trust with your information.

What is the solution?

The first solution is to install a firewall on your computer. The firewall prevents others from accessing your computer without your permission. Also avoid free versions, because they may be viruses. Purchase one.

The other measure is to be careful with sites that you have to log in with a username and password. Especially when connected to a public network. You might be getting redirected to a site where your information gets stolen without your knowledge.

Lastly, use only encrypted sites which starts with HTTPS before the URL on private networks or use VPNs. If you must use a network you do not trust one hundred percent, the least you can do is to hide with a virtual private network (VPN).

Surf safely!

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