Keeping Your Family Safe Online

Keeping Your Family Safe Online

The internet has and is still changing drastically with time. Almost over 70% of the population in most countries has access to the internet with over 82% of Canadians having access to internet of up to 50 Mbps. With this kind of population online, there is a lot of web content that may or may not help your family.

Are you the one in control of your home internet? Do you feel as if you are in the driver’s seat as far as connectivity is concerned? Do your internet providers give you the freedom to control your internet? With increasing technology, cyber crimes have been growing at an alarming rate and so many people are being affected. Cyberbullying, stalking, e-mail phishing, hacking, and other internet scams cost people and the government a lot of money. The internet is also becoming a very ‘unhealthy’ place for moral growth. A lot of unruly content like pornography can be easily accessed on the web. This is not at all good for the kids, but you can’t deny your household access to the unlimited internet that you’ve installed at home.

Everyone wants to use the internet. Adults want to work, shop and receive and send e-mails online. The kids want to do school research, assignments and access social media platforms. Everybody at home wants to catch their favorite TV shows or programs online, stream their favorite games, game online among other activities. Is the family losing their family bonding because the on-screen time is now overtaking family time? This may make you feel like a confused passenger when it comes to internet control. But don’t panic. EyeSurf makes the challenge of keeping your family safe online an easy one. With these guidelines, you will be able to make your family enjoy internet access without any fear.

Connect to disconnect

Since you got access to a good internet connection in your home, family time has translated into on-screen time. Your family is too busy on their IT gadgets that you feel like you have to constantly yell just to remind everyone that it’s dinner time. You no longer have to storm into your kids’ rooms to remind them that their screen time is up. EyeSurf has a disconnect to reconnect program, that allows you to turn the internet off when it’s time to disconnect and your family won’t be lost anymore.

Block the bad-stuff

EyeSurf helps you permanently block certain content which can be nasty especially to young eyes. If the family is spending too much time on social media, you can limit them also.

Be updated

Most people will delete their browser history or browse while incognito mode because they do not want the sites they have visited to be tracked. As a parent, this can be a point of concern especially when you imagine what your children could be hiding from you. With EyeSurf programs, you’ll be able to know where exactly every family member has been to and when. Does that make you feel in control? I bet yes!

Have different control groups

Your device can be in different control groups separate from the kids’ since you may want to work overnight while your children are sleeping.

Indeed, it is time to get back control of your family’s internet usage with EyeSurf.

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