Narrowing the Field of Phone Service

phone service

Narrowing the Field of Phone Service

Six Reasons to Streamline your Connections with Business VoIP

It’s safe to say that the rapid advances in technology over the past number of years have contributed significantly to business productivity and growth. Business communication with respect to phone service, in particular, has exploded with options that enable connectivity that is increasingly clear, almost universally accessible, practically instant, and financially attractive.
In fact, expectations have evolved so much that ready, consistent, and clear access have become a requirement to successful business communication rather than just an added advantage. A key player—or tool—enabling all of these benefits is business VoIP, and many businesses have made the switch to this internet-based phone service. For companies that are still unsure of the value, benefits, or even the risks of switching to business VoIP, here are 6 reasons to consider doing so:
1. It’s easy: Acquiring a business VoIP connection is as easy as downloading an app or acquiring an adaptor to allow a phone to receive a digital signal.
2. It’s flexible: This is a real added advantage! Your phone service can actually travel with you—and it needn’t even be a phone. A laptop and headset will also work to make or receive calls. You can even arrange to check your voicemail or receive faxes by logging into your email wherever you have access.
3. It’s feature-friendly: Business VoIP doesn’t limit the desirable features that so often have to be weighed and chosen carefully (and paid for) with a standard phone system. If you need it, it’s there for you to access, and at no extra cost, including call waiting, call display, call forwarding, and so on. Video calls and video-conferencing are also available.
4. It’s growth-oriented: Not being tied to one particular communication mode or telephone greatly mitigates postponed or missed calls. A phone service offering accessible communication simply removes time and space limitations, allowing for consistent and regular access to a client base.
5. It’s cost-effective: The cost to operate VoIP service is significantly cheaper than a traditional phone system. It isn’t tied to an existing, expensive phone infrastructure, meaning that providers can pass these savings (both in rates and monthly fees) on to clients. For the business owner, there are no separate phone and data networks to maintain, as it is all rolled into one.
As with all technology, VoIP, even as it pertains to business use, is continually evolving and offering the increasingly clear competitive advantages of affordability, flexibility, and a growing sophistication to meet any business need.

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