Rural High-Speed Internet Canadian Dream

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Rural High-Speed Internet Canadian Dream

As of 2017, it is estimated that over 82% of the Canadian population has access to the internet with bandwidth speeds of up to 50 Mbps. Yet, the dream is to take the numbers higher- up to 100%. It has been argued that access to broadband internet is a basic right for every Canadian.

But we need to understand that the remaining 18% is mostly comprised of people living in the rural areas. They have no access to the internet and it’s poor if any. Our brothers and sisters in the rural have been isolated from the developing world.

However at EyeSurf, an internet provider Ontario we care about everyone. Wherever you are, we are bringing high-speed to the rural places.


We are living in the world of internet gadgets, where you don’t feel alive if your phone can’t access high-speed internet. Now think! There are people who live in the dark world of no total internet connection. What would life be without streaming your favorite shows and games? How would you live without social media? You see, it is still hard to believe that there are people today who still have no access to the internet.

The Canadian government dream is to introduce high-speed internet to every home in the next 15 years. Are you in the countryside? 15 years is a long, long time. But don’t panic. You don’t have to wait that long to have access to the internet. EyeSurf is bringing high-speed, efficient unlimited internet to the rural. There are unlimited cable packages for you to choose the best that suits you.

Rural High-Speed Internet

This plan will be pleasing to the Canadian citizens bearing in mind that only landline phone service was a basic telecom right. The Canadian government is very serious on this plan, as they view it as not just a basic telecom right but also as a crucial tool in economic development.

Do we really need internet in the rural areas?

Yes. The world is going digital. Organizations and firms are selling and advertising products online. Healthcare, education, and banking are becoming digitalized. If people in the country can’t access the internet, they will become isolated from the society.

It’s a view that it’s only good and improved communication that can improve a person’s quality of living. It’s also true that people who access the internet are more informed and are able to make better business decisions. Hence, if the rural people access the internet, they may be inspired to become entrepreneurs and help the rural businesses grow.

Canada has now become one of the most innovative nations, and this has been brought about by the high population accessing the internet. And we can’t deny that this has been a backbone of the Canadian economy. The more people are connected online, the more online ventures that Canada will experience. This means an exchange of ideas from other countries, bringing up innovations and also a large market for their products outside the country. This consequently improves the living standards of the citizens.

If you are in the dark, sign up with EyeSurf and you won’t have to wait for the 15 years.

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