What to Look for When Switching Internet Providers

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What to Look for When Switching Internet Providers

Make the transition to a new internet provider as smooth as possible

It used to be that internet providers needed 30 days notice before you could cancel services. Thankfully, that is not the case anymore. Since a few years ago, the CRTC mandated that internet providers must cancel services right away. For consumers, this means it is easier than ever to switch to other internet providers in Ottawa. Maybe you want to switch because you found a better deal, you need more bandwidth or you want to try a new service. Whatever the case, there are a few things to consider when making the switch to different internet providers.


If you’re still on the fence about switching internet providers in Ottawa, give your provider a call to see if they have any special offers or promotions they can offer you. For those who are confident in the decision, don’t completely cancel all of your services until you know exactly when and how the new service will be installed. You don’t want to cancel and then be without service without a back up plan. Just like moving houses, you need to account for that transition period between moving from an old house to a new house. For Type A personalities, consider keeping your old service for a month extra while your new service gets set up properly.


With so much competition out there—and competition is a good thing when it comes to telecommunications—consumers are looking for a good price, as well as something that doesn’t require too much work. Switching internet providers in Ottawa shouldn’t be a game of 20 questions gone wrong. Go for an internet provider with easy installation, set up and technology. This process may be a little more complicated if you have to switch to different technologies, such as fibre optic, or need to buy different hardware, such as new routers. Consider bundling your services into one package to get everything set up together. Look at the contracts and agreements carefully before you commit to switching to make sure the deal is worth it.

Customer support

When something does go wrong, it is always good to turn to reliable customer service, especially for companies who are switching providers and rely on the service for business. For example, let’s say you decide to switch internet providers in Ottawa and don’t realize your email is linked to that service. Suddenly, your old email is gone because it was deactivated! What do you do? Besides setting up an email you can access on any browser, make sure you understand which components will change when you switch over. This could also mean your website domain and servers. And make sure someone is there to help you during the transition so you don’t lose anything. Some people are switching internet providers for the customer service support alone. It is even better if they offer 24-hour support, references and uninterrupted service.

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