8 Ways to Boost Your Internet Experience

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8 Ways to Boost Your Internet Experience

Internet service is an integral part of day-to-day life. You should get a service that does not always have you worried about your speed and signal. You need a good internet provider Ontario if you are to enjoy your Internet experience.

Whether you already have an Internet provider or you want to hire one, there are several things you should insist on for an improved Internet experience.

1. Network Redundancy

A good provider is one who provides redundancy. At Eyesurf, we have a closed loop fiber network for our customers, which results in minimal downtime. The ring topology means if we have a fiber cut in one section, traffic will automatically reroute to the other direction. You should ensure your Internet provider’s network is not too heavily loaded as this would impact on traffic.

2. Improve Internet Speeds

Even when we are giving you good download and upload speeds, you might still experience low Internet speeds because of other issues. There are several ways to improve Internet speeds. These include:

  • Ensure there are no services downloading/uploading or backing up data to the cloud in the background
  • Ensure there is no device that is using most of the bandwidth
  • Reset your devices, including your router
  • Do speed tests with one device at a time to narrow down on the one that is taking up most of the bandwidth
  • Replace old hardware and software and upgrade your router’s firmware
  • Use devices nearer the router and/or ensure there is line of sight between the device and the router
  • Run an antivirus scan on the PC to remove viruses and malware
  • Use the latest Internet browser
  • Clear your browser’s cached files regularly

3. Guaranteed Service

The best Internet plan is the unlimited Internet. This ensures you will never need to worry about usage. Get an ISP who offers uptime guarantees.

4. Get the Right Internet Plan

If you are a heavy downloader of online content or you play online games, you are setting yourself up for disaster if you go for a basic plan. Different Internet providers have different plans for people with different needs. At Eyesurf, we have four plans namely Bronze Cable with 5/1 download/upload, Platinum Cable with 30/5 download/upload, Diamond Cable with 75/10 download/upload, and Emerald Cable with 150/10 download/upload.

Your choice should also be based on your location. As an example, at Eyesurf, we have Internet services for rural areas, while some of our competitors do not.

5. Credibility and Reliability

A good Internet provider is one that is credible and reliable. A credible and reliable company is one that has been around for a while. Eyesurf has been providing Internet services since 1998, a whopping 20 years. We have a reputation to uphold and we will not engage in anything that would tarnish our name. Reviews and testimonials will also guide you when picking between Internet providers.

6. Control over Internet Access

Good Internet experience also means not having to worry about the website your kids are visiting. At Eyesurf, you need not worry since our Guardian Internet Filtering protects your family by regulating the sites they visit and even the duration they use on the Internet.

7. Easy Payment Options

You will enjoy your Internet experience more if you can easily pay your online bills. At Eyesurf, we have an online bill pay system that is fast, secure, and convenient.

8. Technology Assistance

Technology problems can mess up your Internet experience. Resetting the hardware usually solves the issue, but you need assistance if it does not. A good provider will have a customer care team available around the clock and the team should be able to remotely log in to your router. At Eyesurf, you only need to call our hotline and a member of our Technical Support will log in and sort you out.

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