Assessing Your Home Internet Service Provider

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Assessing Your Home Internet Service Provider

Is Your Current Home Internet Plan the Best Fit For You?

With many independent internet service providers in Ontario offering competitive rates you owe it to yourself to shop around for the pricing that fits your budget and the services you need to thrive. If you are unhappy with the customer service, usage limits, or pricing of your current home internet supplier here are steps to assess and compare services and providers in your area to make sure you’re getting what you want.

1) Audit your internet usage

Before you can go shopping around make sure you know what you’re currently using the internet for. Take a look at how much data you are using on a monthly basis, are you limiting yourself to fit your contract? Are you using the internet for media streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, Songza, and YouTube? If so you might be better off with high or unlimited data plans. Does your service fit your household needs? As children grow up and gain their own devices a plan and internet service provider that fit a year or two ago may not be the best option now.

2) Review your bill

One common complaint about dealing with larger companies for internet in your home is finding surprise fees on top of your monthly bill. For example customers are not always notified properly when they are approaching their data limit leaving an awful surprise on their bill. You will often find modem rentals are included and you are limited to a specific modem from the provider. This is a cost that could easily be cut from monthly expenses by looking at a third-party provider. Also make sure you are using all the items you are paying for, this is another easy way to cut down you fees.

3) Read the fine print of your current contract

Are you locked in to your services for another year? What is the cost to end your agreement with your internet service provider? Before you start researching other companies and plan options make sure you are in a position to move on if you need to. The last thing you want is to spend time planning and researching just to find out you have to wait another year to make a change.

4) Evaluate your customer service experience

What style or type of customer service fits your personality and needs? Large internet service providers often outsource their customer service to other countries to save on operating costs but in doing so they lose that local connection to the customer. A smaller provider could be the best fit for you since they are known to have exceptional customer service.
Now you’re ready to shop around! When you’re looking keep your current data usage, unwanted fees on your bills, contract restraints, and customer service experience. All of these factors will lead you to a home internet provider that suits your budget and needs allowing you to binge watch your favorite show, and stream music around your house.

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