How to Get Cheap Internet without Cable or Phone Line


How to Get Cheap Internet without Cable or Phone Line

With the world becoming a global village, it is becoming increasingly important for everyone to stay connected. Having cheap Internet service without phone line is especially important for those who do not have these mobile devices, or even for those who prefer this option. The big question is how this will happen. There are services available that will cater for this depending on one’s budget. The intended use of the connection should also be put into consideration so as to ensure you choose appropriate bandwidth that will support your needs.

Satellite Subscription

Long before fiber optics and DSL, the world relied on satellite for connectivity. There are several things to be said about satellite connectivity including it tends to be more expensive than its counterparts. However, if you can get this as part of a bundle that includes services such as Pay TV, then you can expect to pay cheaper. And you will not need a cable or phone line.

DSL- Digital Subscriber Line

This is also known as dry loop. This is a high Internet service access. The provider may install a phone but the phone will be for Internet use and not for phone connectivity. The phone, installed by the provider will be used for Internet only. Should a consumer decide to shop for their own Digital Subscriber Line, it is important to do a thorough inquiry; some service providers have a very enticing cheap offer only to increase the charges once the deal is closed.


Wi-Fi is currently increasing in popularity among households which have previously relied on DSL connection. What’s more, you can get access to free Wi-Fi in almost all social amenities such as shopping malls, schools, colleges, and airports. If you’re lucky enough to live near a free Wi-Fi hub, all you need to know is the password. This will be absolutely free and one does not need to pay for any subscription fees. You have to be careful though when connecting to free Wi-Fi as this is one of the ways sensitive data gets stolen.

Wireless Router

A wireless router is a device that allows you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot within your home or office. Some wireless routers are highly portable and can come in handy when you are on the move. The advantage of a wireless router is that one pays for a package they need. The packages are available depending on the users. A package for home use will not be the same as a package for office use. Wireless routers are also known to provide very fast Internet.


Modems are available in two types depending on the number of users it can comfortably hold. A modem can either support a single or multiple users. There is a modem for a single user and there is a modem for multiple uses. A one-user modem is directly plugged into a computer or a laptop while a modem for multiple users can be used by a maximum of six people. Their prices depend on the service provider.

Broadband Services

Internet service providers have ventured into fiber optic connectivity which has eliminated the need for phone lines and cable to get Internet. Depending on the region the costs vary but a number of them are pocket-friendly.

Whether satellite subscription, free Wi-Fi or a one user modem, the choice of the type of Internet one needs for their use solely depends on an individual or an organization. The factors you should put into consideration are the changes and inquire from the service provider if there any hidden charges.

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