Helpful Internet Hacks

These useful tips from internet providers in Toronto can improve your productivity online.

Helpful Internet Hacks

Simple ways to improve your Internet user experience

The Internet has become a staple in most Toronto homes. It is something we rely on for business, news, entertainment, banking, and socializing. Since we spend so much time on the Internet—for both productive and unproductive activities—there are a few shortcuts (or hacks, if you will) we can use to make our Internet user experience better. Once you’ve completed the first hack by choosing a great Internet provider in Toronto, you can follow these hacks to make life a little easier:

Stay Private

Whether you’re planning a surprise, or looking at something you want to keep to yourself, using the Incognito mode on your browser will save you from having to delete your browsing history, or stressing if you forget to delete it.

Another Internet-related stress is forgetting to log out of your Facebook account on someone else’s device. Your friends might just add a silly status update or change your profile picture, but it is still unnerving when your personal account is open for anyone to look at. Facebook allows you to remotely log out of your account by going to Settings > Security > Where You’re Logged In. Just click on End Activity for the device you forgot to log out of, and you’re done.

Save Time

The following are keyboard shortcuts that will save you time when browsing the Internet:

  • Add “www.” and “.com” to the URL: Ctrl+ Enter
  • Change to the next tab of your browser: Ctrl + Tab
  • Clear cache and refresh page: Ctrl + Shift+ r

Google Search Bar

If you’re searching for phrases on Google but you can’t remember the exact words, add an asterisk (*) where the unknown words would go in the phrase. This will help narrow the search results to find exactly what you’re looking for. Another way to narrow your search results is to add a minus sign (-). Any words after the sign will be omitted from the search results.
Did you know that you can also use the Google search bar as a calculator? This comes in handy when you don’t have time to find an actual calculator on your desk, desktop, or phone.

Be Productive

When you’re not getting enough work done because the Internet is too distracting, use apps like Cold Turkey. These apps will block you from accessing distracting sites and let you get some work done.

Write or Die is a site that forces you to write, or else an alarm will sound. You can add your desired word count and time limit, and if you don’t keep writing, you’ll be startled. Nothing is scarier than the anticipated startle.
The Internet is a wonderful thing, and it’s even better when you discover new hacks. These may sound simple—like choosing from great Internet providers in Toronto—but they will make your life on the Internet that much easier.

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