How the Internet Has Transformed Office Culture

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How the Internet Has Transformed Office Culture

Internet Providers in Ontario Supply the Speed—You Supply the Innovation

Do you remember a time before the Internet? If you’re under 30, then chances are high that even if you do remember such a time, it was still long before you entered the workforce. Office culture has always been constantly evolving and changing, even before the Internet. From being able to smoke in the office to the cubicle revolution (something that has, thankfully, finally been relegated to history where it belongs), the workplace has seldom stayed still. Is it any surprise then that as the internet expands and builds upon itself, it continues to impact the way that we work too? Internet providers in Ontario provide faster speeds, tech companies offer new online solutions, and we take these advances and apply them with a “Don’t work hard, work smart” philosophy. Here are some examples:

Going Paperless

In a time where the world is becoming increasingly conscious of how our choices and actions impact the planet we live on, it’s only natural that we want to find ways to reduce our ecological footprint—and going paperless has finally become a reasonable way to do so. In the pre-Internet and early Internet days, records and documents started making the job to digital, but the systems were unreliable, so a paper backup was always needed. Today, cloud infrastructure means that important information can be accessed at any time, from any device, and companies can not only save money on the printing costs, but feel good about conserving paper.

Communication and Collaboration

It started with email—now there’s Skype, conference call software, social media, and online collaboration services like Basecamp and Slack. While a video conference might have been unreasonable for many businesses just a few years ago, now that Internet providers in Ontario offer high speeds for affordable rates, it’s perfectly possible to have a face-to-face meeting with someone across the country or even across the globe—adding a more real, more personal dimension to your business relationships. In the meantime, the ability to instantly share documents and co-author projects in real time has opened up new possibilities, especially for freelancers, remote workers, and more.

Efficient Operation

To some people, the power to have the entire internet in your pocket seems like overkill—but some people have never been on their way out of the office only to have a last-minute situation pop up that requires immediate attention. Imagine being able to deal with that situation while in transit, or even from your kitchen table as you wait for dinner to be ready. Once upon a time, you’d have to wait at the office until it was resolved! Technology and the Internet empowers the workforce to address any problem from anywhere, in a quick and efficient manner.

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