How To Protect PC From Hackers In 5 Easy Steps

Protecting Computer From Hackers Internet Provider Ontario

How To Protect PC From Hackers In 5 Easy Steps

The more complex technology becomes, the easier it becomes for you to lose your data, your identity, and even your money to the dark side of this technology. Today’s world is such that a lot of transactions are conducted online, or at the very least, via computer. A huge portion of the world’s population has turned to the Internet as their preferred way of conducting business. The high volume of business conducted online has provided ample playing ground for hackers to put their skills to work.

There are numerous ways of protecting and removing malware from your PC. But none is sufficient on its own. The more the levels of protection you apply, the harder it becomes for the hackers to access your computers. Also, with advice from Internet providers, you could get tips on protecting your gadgets from hackers while using their network. There are five tried and tested ways that you could easily apply in your home or business to ensure your network and computers are always protected:

Install Firewall

This is always the first and the most important measure that you should always exercise whenever you purchase a PC. A firewall serves the role of a security guard. It creates a barrier between the PC and any unauthorized program. All programs from the hackers trying to get through your computer are stopped by the firewall and you are notified immediately. Always ensure that your firewall is activated throughout to block any windows of opportunity that hackers may use to get in. Firewall is of two types: hardware and software firewall each with different functions.

Install Antivirus Software

Antivirus helps to protect the computer from any unauthorized code and software that create threats to your computer. This software include Trojans, viruses, etc. Antivirus offers real-time protection and it is important that even if your device is virus free, you should install an antivirus to protect it from future threats. You should also regularly update your antivirus software so that it is able to keep abreast with viruses that are constantly being upgraded by hackers.

Install Anti-Spyware Software

Spyware is a program that collects the data and personal information of an organization and directs the information to a third party. They are designed in a way that is hard to detect them and almost impossible to uninstall them. Anti-spyware is designed duly for this purpose. It offers real-time protection and blocks the spyware when detected.

Use Complex and Long Passwords

Nearly every person now knows that a password is the first line of defense even when turning on a PC. Short passwords are easy to crack. Always use long passwords with at least eight or more characters, and then make it complex. Make it a mixture of letters, numbers, upper and lower case, and special characters. Hackers will find it difficult to guess a strong password that is a combination of varied characters.

Check the Security Settings of your Browser

This is something you should always do since browsers have different privacy and security settings. It’s your duty to review them and set the level of settings that suit you. Always go for the level that makes it hardest for hackers to access your network and your machine.

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