A Look at the Internet's Unlimited Future

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A Look at the Internet's Unlimited Future

 Internet Service Providers in Ottawa Take a Look at Emerging Internet Trends

Over the past decade, technology has advanced at such a rapid rate; it has changed the way we communicate, work, and entertain. Every year brings new gadgets, programs, and services that have an effect on your internet needs and everyday life, and the coming years will be no different. Here are three trends that internet service providers in Ottawa all agree will change how you use the internet everyday:

 An Increase in Video Streaming

In the last few years there has been a rise in online streaming services for movies and TV (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Shomi). Each service charges a monthly fee for access to a continuously updated library of content. This is not new news, but with each provider producing original content for viewers, and gaining exclusive rights to old favorites, more people are dropping traditional cable services. Live sports have also made the leap into streaming, with the NFL broadcasting a football game online through Yahoo for the first time, and the NHL continuing to offer live streaming through the NHL Center Ice service. With all these changes, and an increasing amount of options online, it’s no wonder that unlimited home internet will be a necessity when watching your favorite movies, shows, and sports.

 Connecting with the Cloud

Cloud computing allows devices connected to the internet, like phones, tablets, and desktops, to access shared resources on demand. These resources could be applications like the Microsoft Office suite, protected file storage, or other services like networks and servers. Cloud computing is being adopted by many workplaces, encouraging employees to save their work in the cloud and allowing easy access from home. As a result, internet service providers in Ottawa are seeing an increased need for unlimited internet, at home and at work, to accommodate these changes and the rise in data usage. The cloud is also used in music streaming services like Google Play Music that allow users to upload and store their own collection while also using the Google library.

 The Next Generation of Gaming

Right now, gaming consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation 4, offer online stores to purchase games that are later downloaded onto the system. Large games can place a strain on your data cap even before play them online. The next generation of gaming will likely be cloud-based, similar to Netflix, where the user will have access to a library of games hosted by a third party. This change would significantly increase the data usage of gamers, making unlimited internet more important than ever.
These are just a few of the trends you can look forward to seeing in the next few years, as internet use grows and adapts to the needs of individuals. One thing is for sure–internet service providers in Ottawa all agree the possibilities are limitless!

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