Speeding Up Your Home Internet

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Speeding Up Your Home Internet

Internet Providers in Ottawa Share Tips on Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Home internet—one of the greatest developments of the 20th century. It has effectively united the world and many of its people, where everything from knowledge and art to cute videos of cats and hilarious memes can be shared and viewed at will. Until it starts getting slow, and then suddenly it’s the worst thing ever and you hate it and you wish no one had ever devised this frustrating two-edged sword. Am I right or am I right? It turns out, a lot of different things can affect your connection speed, from the type of service you receive from your Ottawa internet providers, to even physical obstacles in your home.
Let’s look at a few:

DSL vs. Cable

These are two different types of internet connection, each with its own benefits—and its own drawbacks. Many Ottawa internet providers offer both, and you should be conscious of which you choose. Cable may have a higher maximum speed, but it can also be slowed down by other users in your immediate vicinity—making peak periods a real drag! DSL may have a slightly lower speed, but that speed is much more stable and is often only impacted by your physical distance from the signal source.

Your Wi-Fi

Most home internet users access the internet wirelessly. While a wired connection is always more stable and much faster, it’s not always convenient. Try to stick to a wired connection for stationary devices such as a desktop computer or a PlayStation (or Xbox, we’re not judging), as well as having extra wires available for if you want a speed boost to your laptop during a particularly big download. Additionally, distance is a factor in internet speed in your home. For a bigger home, try to find a router designed for large spaces, or use wireless repeaters to boost the signal range—especially if you are competing with thick walls, pipes, and anything else that might interfere with your signal.


Your connection speed is divided between each person (and each device) connected at any given time. This includes the ones you know about, like roommates, and the ones you don’t—i.e. people who’ve gained unauthorized access to your router. This is especially common in apartment buildings and neighbourhoods where houses are close together. The best way to guard against this to ensure that the router you use has high-end encryption, and that you are using a strong password. This also means that better streaming speeds are just another reason to save that embarrassing Netflix marathon for when your roommates are away.

Other Factors

Your internet speed can be affected by the presence of malware and viruses, so a decent virus protection program is a must (for many reasons). Your speed can also be affected by applications that are always connected, like online storage or automatic updates. Even your internet provider in Ottawa may have an effect!
You don’t have to suffer through slow home internet speeds—use these tips to get a speed boost today!

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