Stay Safe: Unlimited Internet in Ontario

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Stay Safe: Unlimited Internet in Ontario

Internet Providers in Toronto Tackle Safe Browsing Habits

The web is a massive place, and thanks to the advent of unlimited internet Ontario families can explore every corner of it to their hearts content without ever worrying about incurring additional fees. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t tread with caution—there are risks associated with careless internet use. But by adopting and cultivating a few basic good habits, you can make every browsing experience much safer.

Stay Current

This is usually the first tip for internet security, and for good reason. From your operating system and browser to your antivirus and email program, these programs are updated frequently. These updates include fixes for new security issues and vulnerabilities, so it’s important to download and install them right away. If a program has the option to update automatically, do it.

Use Protection

Internet providers in Toronto want you to have a safe and fun experience, and that begins with being protected. Having a high-quality antivirus program is a great place to start. Having protection against malware and spyware, if not included in your antivirus, is also advisable. This goes for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, too!

Be Wary of Other Computers

If you’re using a computer that is public or at a friend’s house, be careful what you disclose, and definitely do not engage in online banking. You can control the security of your personal devices, but not the devices of others. Be similarly careful with public Wi-Fi.

Keep Track of Passwords

Unlimited internet in Ontario also means endless exploring, which in turn means many different accounts and passwords. Try to maintain a practice of using a different password with every site, and keep track of what each password is. Some will recommend a secure program, but nothing is more secure than keeping your password database offline and out of your computer—writing them down with pen and paper and keeping them somewhere safe.

Don’t Click on Ads

Some pop-up and banner ads—annoying though they are—are perfectly harmless. Others will attempt to infect you or phish information from you. The best bet, according to Toronto internet providers, is to steer clear. If you have children or seniors sharing your computer, or if you just plain don’t like ads, install a pop-up blocker to reduce the risk of accidental infection.

Listen to Your Gut

Over time, you’ll become more comfortable with the web, and you’ll learn to spot suspicious links and programs with ease. Always follow your gut instinct, and don’t trust any links from suspicious or unsolicited messages or emails. Especially not a password reset link, which may be an attempt to gain access to an account—instead, go directly to the site where you have the account and reset the password yourself (and don’t forget to write it down).
If you want to explore the world wide web with unlimited internet in Ontario, contact a Toronto internet provider today.

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