This New Year, Resolve to Embrace High-Speed Internet

Make the switch to high-speed Internet in 2017 and discover the world at your fingertips!

This New Year, Resolve to Embrace High-Speed Internet

Make the Switch to Unlimited Internet Access and Discover More in 2017

The New Year is traditionally a time for resolutions and making changes. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your high-speed Internet, then why not make that your resolution? Not only is it pretty easy to stick to this resolution (especially with the right provider), but it can also lend a big hand in other aspects of your life.

High-speed Internet doesn’t just make browsing, streaming, and downloading easier and faster, it can also help improve everything from entertainment to civic participation. High-speed Internet improves individual access to services and information that would otherwise be much harder to come to. Considering how you can access to almost anything online these days. It’s no wonder more people are cutting the cords with cable and going almost entirely digital!

When the New Year rolls around, make the resolution and get a reliable unlimited Internet package–at the speed you need!

Here are a few ways a good Internet connection can improve your life and the world around you in 2017:

Boosting Business and the Economy

If you own or run a business, then no doubt you’re aware of the benefits of having high-speed Internet access. It’s a must, giving you an easy way to directly access your existing customers and a wider audience. It’s easier than ever to offer customers deals, or to find deals from nearby stores yourself.

Unlimited Internet can benefit businesses and help boost the economy.But did you know that access to high-speed Internet is also an indicator of of economic growth?

High-speed Internet adoption has had a strong, positive impact on the productivity of companies across the globe. Internet access:
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  • Helps companies address lack of skilled labour
  • Positively impacts activity and productivity
  • Helps boost job growth (both direct and indirect jobs)
  • Opens the door to lucrative e-commerce


Better Healthcare Access

It’s increasingly common for healthcare providers to offer services digitally. Given how common video calling is these days, it’s easy for a doctor to make an informed diagnosis for (some) health issues.

High speed Internet can improve healthcare access across the board.
Let’s say you’ve got a sore throat that just won’t quit, and you can’t make it out to a doctor; you can search your symptoms online and get an idea of what you’re dealing with. That’s not to say a Google search is a replacement for a doctor, but doing your own research can help you take control of your healthcare.

More common is the ability to book appointments online, or to have your medical records easily accessed via a database. It’s easier than ever for a doctor to get a medical history thanks to Internet accessibility.

Considering how high-speed Internet gives you access to powerful research tools, you can spend less time in waiting rooms and more time finding solutions to life’s more common health issues.

Education Options

Have you always dreamt of learning a new language? Maybe you’ve been meaning to sit down to learn how to play guitar. Or maybe you’re hoping to take a few courses to upgrade your skills or credentials online.

Updating credentials and building skills can help anybody get ahead. But if you’re unable to find a teacher locally, or can’t afford the time after a busy workday, then finding an online resource is a great alternative to taking a class or going back to school.

The Internet is a great education tool, allowing for easy distance education, videoconferencing, and consistent access to research databases. Internet applications have a positive influence on the learning experience, and can benefit:

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  • Group learning and teaching solutions
  • Individualized learning and teaching
  • Collaborative projects and activities
  • Access to learning materials
  • Remote community education opportunities

While it’s fair to be concerned that students might get distracted by other things online, digital courses are able to make use of unique delivery methods to better engage everyone in the classroom.

For example, if you’re a visual learner, then streaming a video lesson is going to work a lot better than reading slide notes.

Entertainment Options

Okay, let’s be honest–as fantastic as these other aspects are, at the end of the day, we all want to have a bit of fun. After all, what good is a resolution if you can’t enjoy it?

More and more TV networks and cable providers are providing streaming services to better address customer demands. In fact, streaming services are currently competing to get the content their customers want at an affordable monthly price.

Discover new entertainment options with high speed Internet in the new year!
By switching to high-speed unlimited Internet, you can enjoy any number of these services without having to worry about frustrating data caps and limits. That translates into savings that can be directed to building your library of digital entertainment, either by buying digital copies of your favourite shows and movies or streaming them on your favourite service.
High-speed Internet, as you can see, isn’t just commonplace: it’s the norm. So why not resolve to switch to an honest and affordable Internet provider in 2017?

Save money, embrace all things digital, and discover the world at your fingertips!

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