Tips For Safe Online Shopping

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Tips For Safe Online Shopping

Let’s face it. We can’t help but make purchases for anything and everything online. Online shopping is fast, convenient and often more affordable. You get immediate access to products and services that are probably not available locally. However, with the pros of online shopping comes the risk of hackers and thieves looking to steal your confidential information for self-gain. Online purchases should be done on a secure connection provided by reputable internet providers Canada.

The moment you sign in and provide your names, email address and credit card information on a site that’s not genuine, you risk losing your money. But we’re here to help you enjoy online shopping as much as you can and stay away from these risks. Go through the tips below to shop safely on the web.

Know Where To Shop

Before you start filling in sign-in credentials or providing your credit card details, ask yourself, do you trust the website? Is the website a reliable, reputable source? Avoid unfamiliar sites and don’t be quick to give out any personal information unless you’re sure the site is credible.

Ensure The Site Has An SSL Encryption

Internet Provider CanadaOne way to check if a site is secure before shopping is by making sure it has a SSL encryption. When you check the URL in your address bar, you should notice a locked padlock icon. If the site doesn’t have this encryption, do not enter your credit card information to make a purchase since it’s an indication that it’s not as safe.

Verify Online Transactions Monthly

If you do a lot of shopping online, it’s important to ensure that what’s deducted from your bank account is what you bought. Some fraudsters may use your credit card details to do online transactions without your knowledge. Make sure you request for your bank statement and review all purchases every end of the month.

Use Your Credit Card

Internet Provider

The reason why credit cards are the best to make payments for online transactions is that they offer a better protection against fraudulent activity. The beauty of a credit card is that it doesn’t take money directly from your bank account. This means you won’t get a surprise when you check your bank balance at the end of the month. Additionally, credit cards usually have a limit as to how much you can use. Anyone who gets access to your credit card information will have a limit too. The cash in your bank account is not exposed to online fraudsters. If possible, use a credit card with a low limit for online transactions.

Use A Secure/Private Internet Connection

When it comes to transactions that involve making payments online, use your own Wi-Fi connection instead of a public network. If you have subscribed to a reliable internet provider then you can be rest assured that your information will be safe. Public Wi-Fi can be accessed by anyone and your data may be put at risk.

The steps below may appear simple but they can go a long way to make sure your data is safe when shopping online.

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