Why Unlimited Home Internet is the Best Way to Go


Why Unlimited Home Internet is the Best Way to Go

Here’s Why You Should Upgrade to Unlimited Internet in Ontario Today

Nobody likes to see that annoying message warning you that you’ve reached seventy-five percent of your monthly internet quota, just halfway through the month. With unlimited home internet, you’ll never have to see that red bar at the top of your browser ever again. Here are some other reasons why unlimited is the clear way to go:

No Worrying About Data Limits

In an age where fewer people use classic cable, and more are subscribed to video streaming services like Netflix, Shomi and HBO GO, putting a cap on your home Internet can make for unnecessary stress. Why spend time and energy worrying about how much data you ate on that last Friends marathon and how much you have left when you can relax and jump right into Breaking Bad?

No More Fighting With Housemates

Whether it’s your children, your spouse or that roommate who spends all their free time at home, you don’t want to have to start a confrontation over who used up all the bandwidth when you just want to catch up on Facebook. Besides, in Ontario, unlimited Internet is especially handy during the winter months, when everyone spends most of their time indoors.

No Cutting Back On Hobbies

It’s not just computers that put pressure on your home Internet – video game consoles are also taxing on a data cap. With so many Xbox, Playstation and even Nintendo games taking their multiplayer online, going with unlimited just makes sense if you have a gamer or two in the house. You can still argue that they’re playing too much World of Warcraft, but at least you won’t have to argue about how it affects the Internet usage.

No Complicated Bill-Splitting

Eliminate the need to sit down with a calculator and challenge all your roommates about who downloaded an entire season of Game of Thrones versus who spent that week they were home sick playing Farmville. Getting unlimited Internet in Ontario is so easy, and that way everyone can just pay an even share of the bill.

No Extra Fees or Hassle

If you have family on another continent, or you’re running a business out of your home, you probably aren’t going to feel like paying long-distance phone charges all the time. With limited Internet you may run into extra fees for going over your cap, but with unlimited home Internet you can use services like Skype or even Facebook Video Messaging without cutting the call short to avoid data overage fees.
If you can set up unlimited Internet, Ontario residents know the possibilities are endless. It’s the best thing you can do for your home Internet setup, no matter who you are, who you live with, or what you use the Internet for.

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