How do I setup my wireless?

  • 1. Open your web browser and navigate to
  • 2. On the left menu, click Home Network
  • 3. Now, in the middle of the screen click WLAN:Thomson######
  • 4. On the top right, underneath the words Thomson, click Configure
  • 5. Scroll to the bottom and ensure Encryption is set to Use WPA-PSK Encryption
  • 6. Make a record of the key supplied by the WPA-PSK Encryption Key. Note, that this key will also match the WPA-PSK key underneath your modem (flip it upside down).
  • 7. It is also a good idea to rename your modem to something unique. This is determined by the Network Name (SSID) option. The default name is Thomson followed by a series of numbers and letters.
  • 8. Hit Apply. Your modem will now reset, give it a minute or so
  • 9. If you are hardwired, disconnect the wire from your computer and browse your wireless networks for modem. When you try to connect, it will ask you for your WPA key. Enter the key you recorded in the earlier steps. Again, it should also be listed underneath your modem as the WPA-PSK key.
  • 10.That’s it! You’re done!

How do I reconfigure my modem?

  • 1. Open your web browser and navigate to
  • 2. On the left menu, click on the top button: It should be Thomson Gateway for our wireless modem, or SpeedTouch Home for our 1-port modem
  • 3. Under “Pick A Task”, click Set up
  • 4. For service type, choose Routed PPP
  • 5. For VPI/VCI, choose 0.35
  • 6. Connection type should be PPPoE
  • 7. Next, enter the username and password for your DSL account. All usernames are lower case
  • 8. For Access Control just leave the username as Administrator and the password blank

My game/program
is not working. How can I enable?

  • 1. Open a browser and navigate to
  • 2. On the left menu, click Toolbox
  • 3. Click Game & Application Sharing
  • 4. Under “Pick a Task” choose Assign a game or application to a local network device
  • 5. Scroll toward the bottom and there will be a dropdown box that will allow you to choose from a list of predefined applications. For example XBox Live, or eMule etc. Then just hit Apply
  • 6. If your application/game is not listed then you can add a new entry by hitting the Back button of your browser, and clicking Create a new game or application. From here, choose Manual Entry of Port Maps and hit next. You will then be taken to a screen where you can manually enter the ports that you want to unblock.