Business Internet Packages Ottawa

Selecting an Ottawa Internet service provider can be a daunting task for many businesses. Providers who offer cheaper options are not always the ones with the best deals. Choosing the best ISP depends on the nature of the business, the service area, the amount of bandwidth you need, and speed among other things.

So whether you’re looking forward to building a completely new location, renewing your existing contract, or upgrading your connection, Eyesurf will help you get the best deal. Here are 5 factors you need to consider when selecting the right ISP for your business:

#1: Type of Internet Service

The two major types of connection are high availability service and standard. The standard (high-speed or broadband service) includes options like DSL and cable. It is cheaper and offers higher speed, the only problem is that it has lower quality and dependability of service.

The high availability service has a service level agreement which has a downtime of approximately 2 hours per year or an uptime of 99.99%. These two Internet services have options such as newer fiber optic (Metro E or Ethernet) and T1s.

What you need to take note of here is the Service Level Agreement and the right type of Internet connection for your business. If you don’t want to risk any form of interruption, make sure you choose a provider that can offer a Service Level Agreement that guarantees uptime.

#2: The speed of Your Internet Service

It can be very tricky when you’re trying to calculate the speed that your business requires. The most important thing here is to ensure that you have enough speed and bandwidth for everyday use, including peak times.

Also, if your applications are hosted in the cloud, are web-based, or you’re using VoIP phone system, your Internet usage may be higher. Business Internet packages Ottawa determine the right speed and connection needs for your business.

#3: Timeframe and Availability

Not all businesses have the privilege to enjoy High Availability Fiber Optic. New construction areas may lack service lines and it may take up to 6 months to establish them. Also, you need to know that there can be a very limited availability of cable and DSL Internet in these areas. So if you’re planning to move or start a new construction project, make sure you do your research in advance.

#4: Level of Redundancy

If your Business Internet packages Ottawa needs to be continually connected and you don’t want to experience downtime, even for a minute, you’ll need to secure some level of redundancy. This failover Internet connection has the ability to switch in case your main line has gone down, which is very common with standard Internet service.

#5: Cost Effectiveness

When investing in High Availability service, you need to know that it comes at a cost. However, the price can be significant depending on service area and the type of connections. The service cost can vary from one ISP to another, it will depend on a number of factors. You’ll find that some have more speed, better availability, and less cost.


If you’re looking for the best Internet service providers but are not sure about the right connection for your business, reach out to Eyesurf.

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