Unlimited Home Internet Packages Now Available in Brampton!

Tired of mediocre connections, nickel-and-diming on your bills, and unsatisfying service? Eyesurf has the solution for you! We’re happy to offer our home Internet services to Brampton. With one of our home Internet packages, you get reliable, high speed Internet access that is truly unlimited.

  • No downloads caps
  • No hidden fees
  • No contracts
  • No gimmicks

Unlike many other telecomm companies, when we say no gimmicks, no contracts, and no hidden fees, we mean it! When you choose Eyesurf, you’re not locked in to a contract for years to come. You get to experience full control over your Internet experience. Sign up today!

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Make it a bundle and add unlimited phone service for only $9.95/month!


Eyesurf home internet lets you:

  • Watch your favourite shows online as they air
  • Stream the perfect playlist for a party
  • Transfer files at high speeds
  • Stay competitive in online gaming

Make sure you get the fastest results from your unlimited home Internet service by picking the right package. Whatever your need, Eyesurf has a package that’s right for you.

With no contracts, no gimmicks, and no hidden fees, sign up today to experience truly unlimited Internet from Eyesurf!

Surfing the internet at home in Brampton


No Contracts | No Gimmicks | No Hidden Fees

Eyesurf Vs. The Competition

Not convinced yet? See for yourself how Eyesurf stacks up next to the leading competitors, providing you the freedom and flexibility you deserve from your Oshawa Internet provider.

Take control of your Brampton Internet Provider experience and embrace freedom with Eyesurf.

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