The Internet Face-off: Unlimited Data vs. Data Caps

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The Internet Face-off: Unlimited Data vs. Data Caps

Internet choices mostly depend on your lifestyle. First it’s how much internet you need, and how much you can consume within a month, and secondly, it is how much you are willing to pay for that. If you are an online gamer, am sorry to say you must be ready to dig into your wallet since you have to choose a fast, high-speed package. But before we go to the packages, here is the headache that’s hitting everyone. Which internet package is better?

Unlimited Data Vs Data Caps

Which is better?

Let us start with unlimited data; it’s what everyone would like to have. But this is determined by two things. One is how much data you can consume altogether and two, how much time you have on data? Most unlimited data internet providers base their charges on the fact that an average user will only consume a reasonable amount of data per month due to their needs and the time available. But with the unlimited offer, customers tend to misuse the data. That is why the internet service providers will throttle the supply to control the consumers’ but still offer the unlimited bandwidth.

The next type of model utilized by internet service providers is the data caps. This one provides a certain amount of bandwidth called data bits or caps. For every package, you have a different amount of bandwidth usually in GBs. It’s the consumer’s’ responsibility to monitor and control their usage so that the amount of bandwidth purchased can last the time they want. This brings up a sense of responsibility, hence no misuse of data in doing anything that may not be of value with the data. Because if you overuse, that is using past your data cap, you will be charged per GB that exceeds your limit and these charges are known as overage fees.

internet providers

Why overage fees?

Internet service providers call this a Fair Access Policy. With data caps, they can’t throttle down your internet speeds of the package. But they must have a way of preventing people from exceeding their data cap and misusing the network. Overage fees also help out the traffic, giving the best service experience attainable and keeping demand and supply in balance for all consumers.

The advantages and disadvantages of the two business models with today’s internet

Data consumption at this time is increasing to very high levels since almost all electronic gadgets are capable of using data. People are also trying to use the internet for almost all types of jobs especially using Google to look up solutions to most of the problems. These changes affect your internet providers making them play dirty. For unlimited users, they increase their throttling but billing stays the same. This brings up frustration to customers. For those with data caps, you may have reliable and consistent internet but when you have overages they overcharge you shooting up your bills. At the end, you will have to put up with limiting the data usage or choose between inconsistent internet or high overage billings.

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