Need faster speeds, better performance and unbeatable prices? Switch to Eyesurf today and you’ll enjoy all these and much more. We have been providing fast and reliable high-speed internet to businesses and residents of British Columbia for many years. All our customers are assured of a reliable and fast internet service that is designed to meet their needs and lifestyle. We have cost-effective internet bundle plans that you can sign up for. Getting started is super-fast and easy since we don’t have any contracts that tie you down.

Outstanding Performance and Uptime

When choosing an internet service in British Columbia, one of your main concerns is uptime. We know that your home or business relies on the internet to keep key components or applications functioning. That’s why we offer a fast and efficient service that gives you good value for your money. Once you sign up for any of our packages, we’ll be there to offer installation and testing within no time.

Guaranteed Reliability

Want to always stay connected? Switch to Eyesurf today. We have a reliable network that was designed from the ground up. Not only do we offer reliable internet connectivity but a wealth of other services that rely on the internet to function such as VoIP and home phone services. At Eyesurf, we make every effort to ensure your day to day operations are not interrupted due to slow internet speeds. That’s why we always assist customers in choosing internet plans that are right for their budget and needs.

High Performance VoIP Service

With our highly reliable internet, you can always be rest assured that your VoIP service will have the best voice quality. If your sales team needs to conduct numerous calls to reach out to customers, be assured that Eyesurf’s internet will facilitate this. We offer business VoIP services using our low-latency, highly reliable fiber network. Our fiber network was designed to deliver fast connections to all our customers regardless of the plan they choose.

High Efficiency

If you partner with us to supplier internet in your business, we promise to offer you the greatest value. We know how your business relies on super-fast internet to keep its critical applications running. Whatever your needs are, we will supply internet plans that meet all your download and upload connection demands. We offer superior reliability of 99.99 uptime. This means that your business will directly benefit from faster internet and more reliable connections. Customers and staff can continue to communicate and keep your business operations going.

Superior Customer Support

We have local support teams in British Columbia to manage and monitor all our networks. That’s why you can always be rest assured that any connectivity issues will be resolved in an instant in the unlikely experience that you encounter any downtime. Our technicians are available to offer any support you need. Call us today to discover your options and get started with a reliable internet service wherever you are in British Columbia.