6 Mbps Download

800 Kbps Upload



For very light usage


15 Mbps Download

1 Mbps Upload



For light to moderate usage


25 Mbps Download

10 Mbps Upload



Ideal for most users


50 Mbps Download

10 Mbps Upload



For heavy usage

  • Modem not included. You may purchase a WiFi modem from us for $100 or rent for $8/month. Alternatively, you may use your own, provided it is compatible with our network.
  • A $25 activation fee applies to all activations. This fee is waived with a purchase of a modem from us.
  • Service available only where facilities permit. Call or email to verify eligibility.
  • Please review our Terms & Conditions for full details concerning the use of your services.


Experience Unlimited Home Internet in Ontario

Do you want to catch your favorite TV shows later? Do you have a busy schedule and you’re afraid you’ll miss out on an important game when it airs? We offer unlimited high-speed internet so you never have to worry if you can’t catch a program or game when it airs. You can now watch your preferred series or movies whenever you want. Stream your favorite shows using our unlimited, fast internet service and watch it at your own convenience.

We offer lightning fast, speed internet and unlimited downloading. Get ready to start enjoying movie nights with no interruptions. Want to host a group of friends or family members for the big game? We’ll make it happen with our unlimited high-speed internet service. You never have to worry about slow downloading when you exceed your allotted capacity. We offer a home internet service that is truly unlimited.

What To Expect From Eyesurf Home Internet Service

  • No hidden fees, no contracts and no gimmicks
  • Flexibility on how you want to use your unlimited internet
  • Unlimited internet download capacity
  • Super-fast and reliable internet connection

Flexible Internet Packages

Fast, reliable and affordable home internet service, that’s precisely what you’ll get at Eyesurf. We ensure that you have complete control on how you use your internet. Whether you are just a casual internet user who watches movies occasionally at home or you need unlimited internet to work from your home office, we have a reliable service that suits all needs. Our internet connection allows you to work remotely, make voice and video calls with people from all over the world. If you ever need to transfer large image files or data over the web, you get access to unlimited connection to keep your day to day tasks going. Regardless of how you want to use the internet, we have just the right packages for all homeowners.

With our unlimited internet packages, you should be able to:

  • Stream music and movies all day long
  • Download large image files and data at high speeds
  • Take part in a video conferencing meeting
  • Play games online and much more

You never have to be stuck with hefty internet charges whenever you stream music or movies at home. Eyesurf allows you to enjoy unlimited internet with no downloading caps. Whatever your lifestyle needs are, we promise to offer reliable home internet service that meets them.

Many of us have become impatient when it comes to the internet speeds. Whether you want to open multiple pages on a browser or download numerous files, you expect nothing but high internet speed from your service provider. We ensure you don’t have to wait around for too long for a file to upload or high-resolution photos to download. With our home internet service, you’ll have a pleasant experience each time you go online.

Get affordable unlimited internet service wherever you are in Ontario. Eyesurf allows you to choose from a variety of packages without having to pay any additional bandwidth fee. Get in touch with us to have unlimited internet that’s extremely fast and reliable.

All internet packages include Unlimited downloading!