3 Ways Selecting The Wrong ISP Will Cost You – 4 Signs You Need IT Vendor Management

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It can be incredibly frustrating when your business Internet is out or slow and you have a lot of work to do. You call customer service to help you fix the problem and they respond with their usual standard line. What you don’t know is that you may be dealing with the wrong Ottawa Internet provider. Eyesurf is the right ISP for all your business needs – most of the Internet service providers have very bad customer experience.

Also, you have to power cycle your router, deal with bandwidth issues, slowness, and billing frustrations. Below are three ways that will give you insight on how to choose the right ISP for your business:

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#1: The Type of Connection

As a business, you need to know the two major distinctions of Internet service levels, the broadband like cable and the high-availability like Fiber. The broadband level is not reliable and the speed is not guaranteed. This means that in case you experience an outage there is no recourse. With the high-availability option, the bandwidth is guaranteed ( to be 99.999% of the time contractually): what you see is what you get. If the bandwidth is indicated 10M and you find it otherwise, you can cancel and get your money back.

A very important point to note is that unlike cable and DSL, the company invests heavily in the network, its upkeep, and the support team. So you need to be keen when choosing between the two options – there’s a very big difference between the two when it comes to cost. How you invest depends on the nature of your business otherwise you risk downtime and outage issues.

#2: The Speed

When it comes to speed, you need to be a lot more careful otherwise you’ll end up paying for speed you are not using. 1 GB of fiber may not be suitable for every business, it may end up not being used, wasting your money.

Also, you need to monitor how your employees are using your Internet. This way, you’ll be able to know if your Internet is slow and adjust it or if you’re just paying for excessive speed. Business Internet packages Ottawa will help you choose the right Internet speed for your business.

Unlimited Internet in Ottawa

#3: ISP Customer Support

Internet outages need a prompt response from your service providers otherwise you’ll lose revenue. Nowadays, most businesses operate on VoIP services, meaning that your telephone line will be greatly affected. Even though your managed service provider can be of great help when you’re experiencing Internet outages, they’re still subject to the service and support of your ISP.

Final Thoughts​

When choosing ISPs for your business, make sure you assess how they handle support requests because prompt response time is very crucial. Some Internet service providers have a bad reputation, some have poor bandwidth and speed in certain service areas.

Do you want to choose the right amount of bandwidth and speed that will suit all your business needs? Eyesurf, an Ottawa Internet provider will help you get things fixed as fast as possible.


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