Welcome to Quebec’s fastest and friendliest internet service provider. Eyesurf has offered cheaper, faster and more reliable internet connectivity in Quebec for many years. For far too long, many residents of Quebec have had to choose from unreliable ISPs due to lack of a better option. This is about to change. Our goal always has been to provide all our customers with uninterrupted internet service. We have maintained reasonable prices without ever compromising on our speed and reliability.

No Price Hikes, No Contracts and No Surprises

Most internet providers will ask you to sign a contract in order to open an account and start enjoying their internet service. When you sign up for a 24-month contract, it’s going to be legally binding. This means that if you want to cancel the service two months into the contract, you’ll still have to pay for the 22 months that you won’t be using the service. To us, this makes no logical sense. We find no pleasure in exploiting our customers. That’s why none of our clients, whether a business or individual, are ever held by a contract. You can cancel whenever you want without any penalties.

Reliable Connectivity Guaranteed

When you sign up for our internet service, we promise a different kind of experience from what you’ve had with most internet providers in Quebec. Our company offers incredibly responsive customer service and faster speeds which is why many of our customers and referrals have trusted us for so long. We are not the kind to over-promise and under-deliver.

Typically, we will install the internet within a day when the service is requested. If there are any issues, we will get to the customer immediately. We’ll never take weeks to respond or install internet in your home or business after you’ve paid. Our goal is to ensure you can start streaming, gaming, working or holding business meetings as soon as possible. We are here to get you connected.

More Choices

Eyesurf offers a variety of internet packages that you can choose from based on what fits your budget and needs. If you have unique business needs, we can always customize a package that meets your requirements. You can stream, upload, surf, shoot, post and do anything you need to online with our fast internet service.

At Eyesurf, we offer faster speeds without always increasing our rates. Replace your costly ISP with a reliable and affordable internet provider who values your time and money. We offer blazing fast connections that set us apart from others in the industry. Call now to get just the right internet package for your home or business.

Reliable VoIP Internet Phone Service

If you need to make unlimited calls to your friends and family in different parts of North America, sign up to our VoIP internet service. Our service works well with our high-speed internet. You can be assured of high quality crystal clear voice calls wherever you’re calling to. We use the latest VoIP technology to offer you a reliable and affordable home phone service.