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Teksavvy Vs Bell Internet:
Checking The Numbers

Don't Settle For Less
When It Comes to High-Speed Internet

There's no doubt that Bell and Teksavvy are two popular options when it comes to high-speed Internet. But the best choice? Far from it! If you want high-speed Internet at a fair price, with no limits and no contracts, then the choice is obvious -- Eyesurf home Internet gives you the service you need at a price that won't drain the bank.
Only Eyesurf gives you the freedom you deserve.

See how the competition compares:

Hassle-Free Internet

Tired of slow downloads, high costs, and arbitrary limits on your Internet? Switch to Eyesurf and see the difference hassle-free Internet makes! We believe in fair prices without any extra baggage. All our packages are fast and let you download, stream, and browse with no limits!

Eyesurf has:

  • Unlimited downloads
  • High speeds
  • No hidden fees
  • No contracts

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Make it a bundle and add unlimited phone service for only $9.95/month!

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I’ve been with Eyesurf for five months now and the service has always been great. I only had one instance when my Internet stopped connecting and when I called the reps were friendly and helpful. As it turned out it I had unplugged one of the cables when I was vacuuming and hadn’t noticed. Thanks for your help!

- Janine Randall

Eyesurf internet is great. Unlike before with my last contract I don’t lose Internet during storms. It’s great! I get to catch up on all my favourite shows on rainy days.

- Darryl Leclair

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