Everything You Need To Understand About Fake Antivirus Programs

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With 51% of the world’s population already connected to the Internet, the lure for the cyber criminals is more compelling. Today, connecting to the Internet without reliable security software is sheer folly. A threat can come from anywhere even on a website you trust. Today, most operating systems come with a firewall and antivirus installed. If you are, however, searching for something better and robust, you need to buy or acquire alternative security software. When doing this, please beware of fake antivirus software.

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What is a Fake Antivirus?

Antivirus software are not all created equal. Some are effective at blocking malware while others use up loads of system resources when running. Some of the programs you find are fake. Scammers, hackers, identity thieves and other online bad guys are looking to make some money and some go to the extent of building fake antivirus programs that give them access to your system. Fake antivirus programs are also peddled as a way for scammers to make money. They sell junk software and pocket your money.

Fake antivirus programs are more common on home computer security market. These programs are a lucrative business for legitimate companies and even better for criminals who coerce, trick or even social engineer their markets to install fake antivirus and other antispyware programs. Some fake antivirus programs are given free of charge.

While the case of Edward Snowden exposed the government’s effort to spy on citizens, criminals online also spy on you. The fake antivirus you install might be useless, spy on you, steal vital information, call home asking for sensitive details or do all the preceding things. While your Barrie Internet provider will try to protect you from online threats, only you can keep yourself safe by installing a legit antivirus.

Fake Antivirus Notification

The main tell tale sign of a fake antivirus program is the interaction of pop-ups. If you are alerted to an antivirus download page by a pop-up, there is a very good chance you are about to download a fake antivirus. Often times you will be alerted that your computer has viruses then you will be directed to an antivirus download page. The best thing you can do is to ignore the pop-ups.

Fake Antivirus Program

How does fake antivirus work?

Fake antivirus programs will display fake system alerts which are triggered by Trojans that have been installed without your knowledge. The fake alert will cause you to believe that your computer is infected with malware. This is never a true claim. Other times, the fake antivirus will install all manner of viruses on your computer.

How to Identify a Fake Antivirus Program?

Fake antivirus programs tend to overcompensate on their ineffectiveness. They tend to find more issues on your computer even before they are installed. This is the first sign of a fake antivirus. A fake antivirus will also significantly slow down your computer once it is installed. A rouge program will also change the home page of your web browser and ad toolbars and junkware. It is also common for fake antivirus to lead to innumerable online advertising which include a page appearing suddenly every few seconds or minutes.

Fake antivirus programs will cause you more problems than they solve. Install legit antivirus from well-known and high rated antivirus companies. You also need to ignore the pop-ups and refrain from downloading pirated software. You must also only open attachments from emails you trust the sender.

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