How Does Cable Internet Work?

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Getting a cable Internet subscription is by far the simplest and the most cost-effective way to get high-speed connections. The cable Internet relies on existing lines for the cable TV to provide you with fast and reliable service. This connection ensures you can watch your TV shows while at the same time browsing the Internet. You only need a single cable through one service provider. But how does cable Internet really work?

science behind the cable Internet

The Science Behind the Cable Internet

Cable Internet gets its name from the coaxial cable; the cable that enables data transfer. The coax cable is an analog wire that transmits cable TV. The copper wires lead from your home to the neighborhood node to the service provider. The cable modem gets electrical signals through the wires using a few MHz (megahertz) of signal at a time.

The amount of signal space is what is referred to as the bandwidth. The bandwidth applies to individual connections and to the rest of the cable connections on the block. In most cases, you and your neighbor will be sharing a bigger bandwidth that stems from one neighborhood node. Your cable Internet will only be as fast as the bandwidth allowed to you by the cable network. The bandwidth can be limited by how much bandwidth the neighborhood uses, amount of your data use and the amount you pay for. TV channels only consume a fraction of the bandwidth on the coaxial cable. There is hence enough space for the Internet connection. You just need to contact your Internet providers Ontario to request for more bandwidth.

The TV signal is simply a one-way connection. The Internet, on the other hand, requires transmission in both directions.  The cable modem translates the incoming signals whereas the CMTS (cable modem termination system) from your service provider handles the data you send back. Today, most coaxial cables have been interwoven with the fiber optic cable which increases the bandwidth tremendously.

How to Choose a Cable Internet

If you use cable TV, your service provider can add the Internet service to your current bill. On the other hand, if your Internet service provider uses the same cable used by TV services, you don’t need to subscribe to the cable TV. An independent Internet service can be offered through cable TVs even if you don’t want cable TV. If you want more TV channels, it makes more sense to bundle up Internet and TV with one service provider.

Internet speed test

Connection Speeds

The Internet connection speed depends on the neighborhood’s bandwidth. This is because the bandwidth at the neighborhood node is distributed evenly. Heavy Internet users might notice restrictions after reaching certain limits. For high-speed Internet connections, service providers offer hybrid fiber-coa network (HFC).


Apart from when there is a power outage, cable Internet is quite reliable. It is not interrupted by bad weather like satellite Internet. You, however, need to pick a reliable service provider in order to avoid issues of damaged, corroded or broken cables. In the local area, if the ISP has not laid down the coax or fiber optic cables, you will end up spending more. In this case, a wireless ISP might be a good choice.

Cable Internet is reliable but its reliability will vary from one neighborhood to another. It is your duty to investigate the service providers in your area and pick the one that offers the best speeds and bandwidth.

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