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Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone services are more affordable. However, while most service providers offer services that are similar or of superior quality to the publicly-switched telephone service or the legacy PBX systems, your VoIP telephone service might sound terrible. This can be very devastating especially if it is a business phone service. Such a call will radiate an unprofessional image of your company. Whether you already use VoIP or are considering making the switch, it is very important that you understand the most common causes of issues with VoIP and how you can fix them.

Internet Issues

Internet Issues

If the issues with your VoIP telephone service is persistent sound quality problems and/or dropped calls, then your Internet service provider might be the root of the problem. The mistake most small companies make is that of implementing VoIP phone service without considering the impact it will have on their bandwidth. Other times, the ISP might offer a bandwidth that is lower than advertised or the Internet connection might keep on disconnecting. To solve the issues of dropped calls and persistent poor sound quality, all you need to do is get a bigger bandwidth from your business Internet packages Barrie provider or simply switch to a better ISP.

Calls Sound Terrible

If the calls are hard to hear or crackly sounding, the issue might be a jitter. According to Cisco, this is the variation in the delay of the received packets. With the cloud-based phone service, the voice is transmitted as ‘packets’ through the Internet. The packets are sent out in an evenly spaced continuous stream. These might not be received in the right order thus leading to awful sounding calls. In severe cases, the sound might seem to be fading in and out.

There are many causes of jitter. Your phone service or the Internet service provider is the main culprit here. Network congestion, poor traffic prioritization, and network configuration errors are the main causes of jitters. To solve this issue you have to increase your bandwidth, give priority to voice calls or resolve hardware incompatibilities.

Inconsistent Call Quality

Call Delays

Call delays or call latency is the delay you notice before the other person responds. Voice delays of 50ms or less are recommended. Latency greater than 50ms is noticeable and will affect call quality. Voice prioritization issue is the main cause of call delays.

Inconsistent Call Quality

Inconsistent call quality problems involve getting all manner of issues which range from dropped calls to call delays. Low bandwidth can cause this problem. The call quality issues might arise when there is an increased demand on the bandwidth for example when uploading or downloading a file. Upgrading your switch, router or Internet service will resolve this issue.

Frequently Dropped Calls

Dropped calls are the most damaging to a brand and its operations. While many things can cause this issue, poor QoS implementation and Internet bandwidth issues are the main causes.

If you keep experiencing VoIP telephone call issues, simplifying your network can help. You will get better network transparency and control when you bundle your network. You also need to turn to a vendor that handles call quality issues proactively.

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