Internet Filtering Increasing Business Productivity

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In any business, employees play a major role and are the main pillar that enhances business success. Recent surveys reveal that most employees spend a considerable portion of their work hours on the Internet. One such survey revealed that 38% of employees spend time on social media sites while at work. Roughly, 31% of employees admitted that they spend at least an hour browsing the Internet during work hours.  This lowers their productivity and consequently affects the business.

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How can Business Owners Combat this Issue?

The trend of employees wasting time on the Internet is alarming, making it a global challenge. New social media sites keep emerging and get integrated into people’s everyday lives. To address this business challenge, business owners and managers can employ various strategies without directly confronting the employees. Some of the strategies include:

1. Internet Filtering

One way of enhancing employee productivity and ensuring that a business is running well is through Internet filtering. With reliable Internet providers Guelph for instance, you can filter access to some websites. Content filters help to block inappropriate websites from your network.

On top of blocking social media sites that take up employees’ time, Internet filtering also limits access to high bandwidth websites that could slow your Internet connectivity. Company time is lost as employees wait for pages to load as all the bandwidth is used to play online games or open social media sites. By working with a competent Internet providers Guelph, time wastage in your company will cease.

Besides enhancing employee productivity, Internet filtering helps safeguard your business software and information. By not visiting certain sites, employees do not end up accidentally downloading viruses and malware.

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2. Set some well-defined policies

To enhance the productivity of your staff, you have to ensure that they know what is required of them. Some employees spend time on the Internet because they are not aware of what you expect from them. Communicate in a clear yet non-offensive manner what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in the workplace. As you communicate, ensure that you are as neutral as possible and avoid attacking or victimizing employees.

3. Lead by example

As you give guidelines to employees, ensure that as their leader, you also adhere to the guidelines. For instance, if the policy states that workers should stay off social media sites during work hours, ensure that you do the same. This will keep your employees committed and motivated. Going against the set policy will encourage your employees to do the same.

4. Create a flexible work environment

Studies indicate that employees cannot be productive for the entire day. It is, therefore, important to accord the workers some breaks in between the work hours. This gives them a chance to unwind and catch up with friends and browse the Internet. By giving them some breathers, the employees are motivated to focus on their tasks without interference as they anticipate the breaks. This will yield a productive workforce that does not spend work hours relaxing.

To understand how you can reclaim the productivity of your employees, contact Internet providers Ontario. The good thing is that you do not have to pay much to access the services. At a minimal cost and a reliable ISP, you will get the best Internet filtering services.

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