What Is Mbps And How Much Internet Speed Do You Actually Need?

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Slow household Internet can get so frustrating particularly when you’re undertaking an urgent job or when you’re snuggled up trying to view your favorite show. To add salt to the injury, the Internet can be pricey especially when you’re seeking to boost the speed. This leaves one wondering if there is a medium that can buffer on time and still leave your wallet heavy. The answer to this is yes. By choosing an outstanding home Internet Barrie, your Internet problems are soon to go away.

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Meaning of Bandwidth

Most consumers are not certain of the Internet speeds they require and because they want to remain connected they end up buying costly high-speed plans. Numerous Internet providers Ontario are taking advantage of this situation and vending high-speed plans which are unnecessary for residential purpose. To get you started on how you can get a suitable Internet service that meets your budget, we will first begin by describing what bandwidth means.

Bandwidth refers to the top speed it takes to load Internet data to your PC. Bandwidth is gauged in megabits per second (Mbps), and it’s usually defined as the hose and water flow, meaning:  it’s faster to fill a pool using a larger hose that lets off higher water per minute than when utilizing a lesser one.

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How much Mbps do you need?

Out there, you will come across eminent Internet providers Ontario who will guarantee you fantastic, enormous, large and crazy-fast Internet speeds, which come with a high related monthly price. It’s high time you recognized a speed like 40+ Mbps is too much for any household. What these companies are counting on is the consumer’s shortage of insider awareness, and by use of complex jargon, they are roping in buyers with the assurance of high-speed Internet.

What’s even worse is that you can pay for a speed that you will not get. An example of such a situation is when an Internet provider advertises a plan that provides speeds of up to 40 Mbps only to offer you 4 Mbps. Furthermore, it is possible that your usable bandwidth could be restrained by too much demand, poor hardware or low quality of the provider’s framework.

So what type of speed is suitable to meet your needs? Below, our experts have highlighted what they know is suitable for you.

You will require:

  • 1-3 Mbps for web surfing and social media
  • 1-4 Mbps to enable you to hold video forums
  • 3-5 Mbps for streaming of online videos
  • 5-7 Mbps for streaming of HD videos

The numbers identify with the download speed.

For all those who are regularly transmitting enormous files, for instance, broadcast of live video content, ensure to select a plan with swift upload speed.

When you employ a trusted company like Eyesurf you are assured to get impeccable residential Internet speeds that consider all the essentials and keep you and your family always connected. Ensure to invest in such a realistic Internet plan from us ASAP if you want to avert Internet issues in your home.

All internet packages include Unlimited downloading!